Whosoever Knows FEAR ITSELF Burns at the Man-Thing’s Touch! The FEARSOME FOUR Return!

We love us some Man-Thing, so the news of Marvel's latest Fear Itself tie-in has our tendrils twitching. Fear Itself: Fearsome Four is just about the weirdest looking book attached to a major event since…let me get back to you. Hammer involvement is currently unknown, but we do know that four intrepid adventurers are teaming up to bust the burliest brawler in the bayou in an all new limited series, and it sounds like early Halloween. 

The Fearsome Four moniker has been used by multiple heroes and villains throughout the realities of the Marvel U, but this time the roster includes She-Hulk, Nighthawk, Frankenstein's Monster (fuzzy vest!), and Howard the Duck. 

Brandon Montclare (probably best known for editing credits over at DC) will script the thing, and Ryan Bondenheim will draw the bulk of the story. But each issue will also feature a 7 or 8 page sequence from the point of view of one of these motley crew mates, and those pages will be dolled out to artists like Michael Wm Kaluta (who also contributed the above cover), Simon Bisley, and Henry Flint. 

If it takes something like Fear Itself to make a ragtag teamup like this happen, then maybe the era of endless events isn't such a bad thing. 


  1. Must. Have. This. Book.

  2. Can Howard the Duck go back to his pre-disney lawsuit look(pantless) now that Marvel is owned by the mouse house?

  3. sold!

  4. I thought Man-Thing was a good guy

  5. This’ll be good.  I love Howard and Shulkie.  Could there be some romance there?  

  6. That’s Ryan “Bodenheim.” Trust me, I’m sure.;) Looks interesting. We’ll see how this event ties into the larger crossover with the Norse God of Fear. What does he want with Manny, anyway?

    Hey, doesn’t Nighthawk look kinda…big…compared to two heavies like She-Hulk and Frankenstein’s Monster?

  7. Howard the Duck is bloody ridicules.

  8. Between this and the Deadpool tie-in, Fear Itself is shaping up to be good fun this summer. Marvel seems to be embracing the more ridiculous elements of the big mega event with some good self parody. You have to at least give them that. Honestly, I can’t wait to sit outside and read all this crazy stuff this summer.

  9. “…just about the weirdest looking book attached to a major event since…let me get back to you”

    That line made me laugh! Nice one Paul. 

  10. so this is to satisfy all us Steve Gerber fans.

  11. It’s good to see Ryan Bodenheim getting some marvel work, I enjoyed his red mass for mars and halcyon alot. Be great to see him tackle these charcters.

  12. What a weird and really pointless comic. The line up makes no sense and I’ve never heard of any of the creators. Okay, it kinda makes sense to team up Man-Thing and Frankenstein (wait, isn’t he a DC character?) but why do we have Nighthawk, She-Hulk, and Howard the Duck?

    What about the Midnight Sons? That team would make more sense then this….plus Man-Thing is on that team! 

  13. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  14. This……


    This is the greatest team i have ever seen! My GOD! If they added Frog-Man and Slapstick to this team, I would be in comic Nirvana!  I have ZERO interest in Fear Itself, yet i REALLY want to read this book. My Defender loving self gets Nighthawk, my old-school Iron man comic loving self gets Frankensteins’ Monster, my fourth wall breaking loving self gets She-Hulk, and my Howard the Duck loving self gets Howard the fucking Duck! 

    This is going to be glorious!

  15. Iam with the “Frog”, could care less about the event…but this could be a can of whoop-ass !
    in like flynn. 

  16. @JohhnyNormal  Will this title make any sense if it’s the ONLY Fear Itself book we read? And will that even matter? LOL

  17. Is that Frankenstein Mick Jagger on the cover? 

  18. @Apotheosize  He’s neither. Even referring to it as ‘he’ isn’t really right. The Man-Thing has no mind, no thoughts of it’s own. Chances are it doesn’t even know it exists. It’s a creature of pure reaction. He/it is very empathic and reacts to strong emotions.

    In the original Man-Thing series the creature was more a plot device than the main character. It would react to the emotions of those around it and, at one time, even became somewhat familiar with certain humans though it didn’t even know who or what they were.
    This is why it make zero sense to have the Man-Thing in Thunderbolts.

  19. I miss the days when Howard smoked cigars…