Who wants tasty Lego Batman cake?

Mmm… Batcake.


  1. Three of my favorite words.  The real questions is who wouldn’t?

  2. Ok two thoughts on this.

     1) My birthday is next month and I would really like to have this cake.

     2) How in the hell did they do that?  I can barely cook toast…

  3. @MaddieDaddy: Don’y knock yourself, toast is hard.

    I really want cake now. 

  4. Note to self:  Never ever show this video to 6 year old, Lego worshipping son – no other birthday cake could ever live up to it…

  5. My God…

    They just keep going.

    They put a sheetcake on top of a sheetcake. Then they put a sheetcake on it. Then, on top of that, they put a sheetcake. It is taller than any of the people who will eat it.

  6. So cool to watch people do what they’re good at.

  7. see my problem with that cake is that I wouldn’t want to eat it I’d just want to leave it up as a temple to it’s own awesomeness

  8. I wanna bite Harley’s head off.

  9. Is it all edible? Imagine if you cut a piece from top to bottom like a normal cake. It would be torso size.


  10. Don’t worry about eating it. I have a friend that makes these type of intricate cakes and the materials they use, while edible, range from incredibly bland to down right disgusting.

  11. Comics + Cake = Awesome. 🙂

    I just wished the McDonald’s Happy Meal actually had a Harley Quinn and Batgirl toys after watching this. 

    Now if Confetti Cakes can have their own show. 🙂 

  12. It’s a crime against humanity that I’m not allowed to eat that delicious-looking cake

  13. Mmmmm…clake. (Little Rascal fans unite)

    That’s awesome – I wonder if it’s sugary icing or that whipped crap. 

  14. And now I know what I want for my birthday! If there’s a BBQ show this summer the iFanboys should try to recreate this with meat… "meeeeat"

  15. Wow that is nuts.  And awesome!

    Grant Morrison should make the buildings out of cake in his comic.

  16. Bruce Wayne didn’t die, he was transported to the Cake-verse

  17. If you guys liked this, you need to watch Ace of Cakes on Food Network. Roughly every third episode feature a Star Wars cake or comic book themed cake or something like that.

    The Slave I they made was effing incredible, complete with Han in carbonite.

  18. Does anybody else really want to see them cut the cake?  I mean how do you service something like that?

  19. All it lacked was just some dead lego hookers with toothpick stakes in the heart as appetizers, while the kids sit around singing happy birthday for the 57th time waiting for the cake to be ready.

  20. Parker – The cake itself is probably fine, but the frosting is mostly fondant and fondant can be kind of bland, yet too sweet?  It isn’t bad if it’s made by hand, but sometimes fondant (especially commercial fondant or fondant made to hold up in competition) tastes very bad.  I don’t like royal icing (the one that is used for glue) either but some people really do. 


    Everyone else – It is entirely edible but was made for a party and then put on tour so I doubt anyone got around to eating it ever.  


    I know it isn’t related, but you also should have posted the Mario wedding cake!  It’s so beautiful.  There had to have been a Mario comic at some point, right?  

  21. I dont know if I trust a cake where they play music from Fantasia….

    Still looks cool though

  22. Whatever that thing was they used to secure the head to the body didn’t look too edible. Had me thinking of spiked popcorn balls and rice crispie treats the way we used to get ’em back in the 80’s for Halloween. Back before parents were like, "my child accepts no candy that isn’t in its original packaging. blah.. blah.. blah.."

    Kids these days are so spoiled 

  23. waiit, are all those little figures made out of cake?

  24. I’d rather eat a brownie.


  25. Avatar photo captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    why no nightwing or two-face?

  26. The best part would be at the party when they cut the cake & all the little kids start crying.

  27. Or the part where the majority of the kids get a normal looking piece from the middle, and not the cool looking characters or house – just some layered cake. Or when someone tries to recreate it but with real Lego characters which are missing an arm, or when someone tries to eat them.

    Or when someone’s parents make this cake several days before your own birthday… 

  28. MmMmMmMm….batman + cake = AWESOME

  29. these people need a real hobby, like sitting on the web and bitching about shit

  30. @edward: It’s not so much a hobby as it is an incredibly lucrative business making custom cakes.