Who loves ya, baby? New Comics for 08/27/08 do!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern.

It’s a great week if you’re a Marvel Zombie! Or perhaps not, considering the hit your wallet is going to take. Between Mighty and New Avengers, Avengers: The Initiative, New Warriors, Thunderbolts, Nova, She-Hulk, Black Panther, and Secret Invasion: Spider-Man you’ve got your Secret Invasion itch good and scratched. Actually, I don’t think scratched is the word. I think this week the Secret Invasion itch is gored by a wild boar.

DC is not exempt from crossover mania this week with Final Crisis: Rogue’s Revenge, Final Crisis: Superman Beyond (by Morrison and Mahnke). and DC Universe: Last Will and Testament (by Brad Meltzer). Of course three books doesn’t look so bad up against nine.

And let’s not forget the first Echo trade (if you were looking to jump on that one) and the newest Fear Agent trade!

This feels like the comic book version of sweeps week.

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question:
Josh recently shaved the beard he has had for a long time. It’s freaking us out. Should he grow it back?


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Why is everything coming out this week!?   Arg!

    Most excited for the Morrison JLA hardcover (never read that run before; I’ve been waiting for this).

    As for singles, JSA and the big Final Crisis Tie-ins (Last Will and Testament, Superman Beyond, Rogues Revenge).  

    BQ: Yes.   

  2. Oddly, not a big week for me, in spite of all the Marvel.  I’m most psyched for X-men: Legacy, which is supposed to be the big Xavier-Cyclops confrontation that ought to clarify where that book fits in the Xmen’s new order.  I’m also looking forward to the last issue of this ‘Daredevil’ arc, and nervously anticipating the new volume of ‘Runaways.’ 

    BQ: I’m not going to lie.  I’m a fan of Josh’s beard.  I’m not really sure that surveying the fanbase about it is going to set a good precedent.  I mean, what happens when we start clamoring for Conor to grow some hair, and Ron to shave the sideburns? 

  3. I have 13 books (including the Fear Agent trade.)  Yeesh.

    The good news is it’s all exciting stuff.  I think I’m most excited for the Fear Agent trade.

    That or Kick Ass.

    BQ: I say thee nay.

  4. Oh my god.

    I have two trades to get this week: JLA Hardcover and Echo!

    Not to mention everything else Marvel is making me buy.  Urgh. 

  5. Nothing comes in for me. I get to buy trades.

  6. Oh crap I missed Pax Romana!  w00t!

  7. JSA, Wolverine, Final Crisis tie-ins.  And I hope Superman starts to gets going this time out.

    BQ- Josh, stay with the beard.  It looks very dignified.

  8. Eleven books this week for me.  That’s way above average for me.  But I don’t see a stinker in the bunch.  OK, maybe She-Hulk but I’m just buying that book out of habit. 

    Avengers: The Initiative looks like it’ll be a blast and more Runaways is always a good thing.  

  9. Omnibus? Check. Deluxe HC? Check. TPB? Check. A whole buncha issues? Check. It’s like hitting for the cycle. Of publishing formats. Or something.

  10. Wow 18 books and Pax Romana isnt showing on this weeks comics for me.

  11. @PV Getting the Barb Wire Ominbus are you?  😉

  12. Marvel really, really hates my wallet this week – and I don’t even read Spider-Man titles.  21 books is the most I’ve had in a long, long time.  At least I managed to con my brother into paying for Wolverine with the promise of badass Hawkeye.

    Very excited about Wolverine First Class and X-Men Legacy, and cautiously optimistic about Runaways; X-Force, I just want to make some sense out of poor Warren’s storyline.  And I have fairly high hopes for all the Avengers-related titles.

    BQ: I gotta say, I’ve always been a beard kind of girl.  (Which just made me sound like a circus freak – damn that ambiguous grammar.)  That said, Josh’s (and his wife’s) opinions probably matter more than ours do.

  13. Im most excited about Kick-Ass (still coming down from my high from meeting Mark Millar!), Iron Fist and Runaways from Marvel.  It sucks cuz I dropped New Avengers right before SI hit, I was frustrated with it not going anywhere.  Now I wish I hadn’t stopped.  But whatever, my shop lets us read in the store so I’m happy 🙂


    I’m already Jonesin’ for Fables to hit next week.

  14. Just Kick Ass and the 5-months-late Ultimate Iron Man II #5 for me. I’m dropping Northlanders because I never really dug the art. Runaways by Terry Moore is very tempting but I’ve been reading it in trade and don’t want to double-dip.

  15.  don’t like the beard. don’t like the beard at all.

  16. Best part of this week: The psychedelic 3D Superman issue.

    Worst part of the week: Hearing people praise about that Wolverine story so awful much (I’m way underwhelmed).

    BQ: I say the iFanbase demands a Hulk Hogan moustache.

  17. Mother frakker this week is gigantic. Runaways, three Final Crisis tie-ins, Ultimate Spider-man, the finale of Teen Titans Year one, more Robinson Superman, Nova, two Avengers books, and Kick Ass? Jesus…

    BQ: Nah. Josh looks cooler sans beard.

  18. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    All men and some women look cooler with a beard if they are capable of growing one.  

  19. 7 titles for me this week, 9 if you count the Brave and the Bold hardcover and the All-Star Superman TPB..

    Most looking forward to Nova, and why shouldnt I? It’s clearly the best book published by Marvel in the last 2 years. Plus Wolverine is back with, hopefully, another soild issue by Millar. Marvel Porn at it’s finest. Also got a very underrated Ambush Bug and Ultimate Spider-Man issues….I know USM is a hit but I havent heard anyone really praising this book in forever. Also another confusing, yet very entertaining issue of God…I mean JSA….Plus the only SI tie-in I will read now with Black Panther. Finally, the book that I will most likely drop, Thunderbolts…

    BQ: Yes, in fact grow it like Alan Moore.

  20. Black Panther #40 – Just picked up #39 last week, but still haven’t read it yet, but after the Joker’s Asylum issue and my love of Scalped, I figure if he’s writing it than I’m reading it, except for Ghost Rider, I can’t go that far.

    Daredevil #110 – Don’t go Mr. Rucka!!

    Kick Ass #4 – The only thing I remember about the last issue was the f___ed up iFanboy podcast review of it.

    Northlanders #9 – After a reread of the first arc, I’m really looking forward to see where the next phase takes us.

    Proof #11 – Still getting better…

    Runaways 3 #1 – Love Terry Moore, wasn’t that psyched about Whedon’s last run, and I am a little concernced about the art on the new series.

    Wolverine #68 – After strong deliberation, I picked up 66 and 67, and freakin’ loved them!

    Daredevil Omnibus Vol.1 by Bendis – Mr. Paypal, I’d like you to meet Mr. Instocktrades.

    BQ: I’ve had a beard for about three years now, and I’ve been debating shaving it off, but part of me fears that I’ll uncover a second chin that I didn’t know I had (Its been so long since I’ve seen my whole face!!).  So out of fear, I’m keeping the beard.  Bring it back Josh, bring it back.

  21. Oh yeah, didn’t see Pax Romana on the new comics list anywhere?

  22. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Here’s hoping for another great issue of Wolverine.

    BQ: Yep 

  23. @Paul Condoleeza Rice needs a John Waters mustache and old fashioned 80’s sideburns.

  24. Daredevil Omnibus! Yes! Had this one pre-ordered for a while. Looks like im gonna have to get the Deluxe Hardcover Justice League as well. And When I do buy it, I will use the coupon code "Ifanboy" to get a deep discount!

  25. Yet another big week for me with 9 books, including Fear Agent from last week. Looking forward to Proof (jumping onto the single issues), JSA, Nova, and Final Crisis: Superman Beyond, which I’d like to resist, but don’t think I can. Grant Morrison + 3D glasses is just too enticing.

    BQ: Yes. Beards and goatees (which I have) rock!

  26. 7 Marvel issues this week. Shit, and I have zero money for those since I’m receiving my almighty CAPTAIN AMERICAN OMNIBUS.

    Hope I’ll find 10 extra bucks for Kick-Ass, Old Man Logan and Spidey, at least !! BIG WEEK you say? Damn.

  27. It turns out that Wednesday this week is the same as my third wedding anniversary.  And I already couldn’t afford to take her out.  Not to mention the bajillion books coming out.

    Damn this poverty! 

  28. BIG week for me.  Too many to list (I knew it was coming because last week was so light).


    BQ:  I think Josh should sport the soul patch… like the Tiki does 😉



    the Tiki 

  29. Also weird:  finding a convesation on the internet about your face.

  30. Top 3

     FC Superman beyond

    Unmaite spidy

    New Avengers


    BQ: I don’t care ether way.  


  31. I’m really excited about JSA, somewhat excited about Superman, and vaguely interested in ‘Final Crisis:Superman Beyond’.

    BQ: Josh – leave it off for a while, and then bring it back in an altogether different form when they least expect it.


  32. Pretty big week for me; DMZ, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Kick-Ass, Runaways, Superman, and Wolverine.

    More people should be giving the new creative team on Iron Fist a chance, their first issue was solid. Most excited about Daredevil, this arc wraps up and it has been great so far. While DMZ has been steadily enjoyable I’m just not that interested in the characters and the overall premise anymore so I might stop altogether or switch to trades. Also really excited for Runaways to start up AGAIN.  

    BQ: As someone who is about two months into growing his first beard at the age of 22 I support the growing of all beards including Josh’s. 

  33. Skaar and Rogues Revenge will be the highlights of my stack. Lovin Trinity and Daredevil, which, by the way, I’ve already received in the mail (maybe i’ll go spoil it all over the net?).

    BQ: "slow, quiet, the beard, the elder of the tribe."

  34.    I think Pax Romana is getting delayed yet again.


  35. Slow week, only 3 books; Kick-Ass #4, Rogue’s Revenge #2 and DMZ #34. Despite that it’s a toss-up between which I’m more excited about. Can’t wait for Kick-Ass, but this DMZ run has been fantastic so really looking forward to the conclusion of the arc.

    BQ: At this point I consider Josh’s beard the 4th member of the video show, losing it would be like losing a limb of iFanboy. We need the beard back!!!

  36. More people need to be pulling that JLA hardcover.  If you don’t buy it you hate freedom.

  37. Big week as well for me. 10 BOOKS. I’m most looking forward to Iron Fist, The Avenger books, and JSA.

    BQ: Beards are weird in the summer. I say shave it in the warmer months, grow it in the fall, and keep until May.

  38. @josh  There’s a whole page of comments somewhere on CBR about Matt Fraction’s beard.  Just take it as a sign you’re the Next Big Thing.

  39. What the hell. I hate marval and the way they are shipping. Last month they did the same thing. Which Avenger’s title do you read first when all three come out the same week and all are going to move the story. I just know the story will be better if read in a specific order. Last month I got it right and my son read it different. He had a totally different read on what happened then I did. Why can’t they put out one of these a week on the weeks that Secret Invasion isnt hitting. That would also balance out my budget. I only had three books this week and this week I have twelve since Pax Romana isn’t actually hitting my LCS.

     BQ beards show a lack of imagination. Do something truley creative with your facial hair

  40. so apparently i got some of this weeks comics next week. a formidable comic was Wolverine # 68 and i loved it. i have a ton of them this week and im excited for all of them

    BQ: NOOOOOO (sentry cry) keep it

  41. I really wanted PAX this week and was excited for it, but as is it will make my week a bit lighter so i can’t complain….. Wait yes i can… HICKMAN!!! your too good at what you do to make me wait for it so much, from now on, ONE book at a time untill you get up to speed.

  42. bq: anything that makes him looks less like a grown-up child actor is a good thing

  43. @astyak – None of the Avengers (at least in regards to NEW and MIGHTY) books push the SI story *forward*.  They are all flashbacks.

  44. BQ: in the end, there is only one vote that matters, and she don’t come around here.

    Oh, and even without counting the maybes I have 15 books this week. On the plus side, I think next week is nappytime. 

  45. BQ: I’d like to second the Hulk Hogan moustache. 

  46. Holy monkey shit.  It’s a good thing that the fiance is out of town doing her clinical thing because she would cut my nuts off with a week like this.  Most looking foward to the new FEAR Agent trade, FC tie-ins, and Daredevil Omnibus. 

    BQ:  I’ve made it a general policy to not comment nor dwell on looks of other men.  That said, yes.

  47. http://www.ifanboy.com/users/ultimatehoratio i wouldn’t be surprized if many of us don’t already own it in trade format. I know i do, so i have no need to rebuy it.

  48. @lukehopkins – I’ve got the issues and the trades but I’m getting this hardcover.

  49. I’m really looking forward to Guerillas #1. That and Last Will and Testament. Tis is going to be a big week.

    BQ: So Josh finally shaved his beard. I always kind of suspected it but I support his lifestyle and I am glad that he is finally able to express it openly. However, I do feel sorry for his wife now that she’s all alone. 


  50. Grow it back. I’m a beard on/beard off guy, with about a 3 month on/2 off cycle. so grow it back, but wait until fall.

    Oh, and books? Er, Can’t wait for the 4th Fear Agent trade so I can catch up and get to reding those floppies I got piling up. Okay, two of ’em, but one was a pick of the week and I had to FF the ‘cast to avoid spoilers.

    Guerillas looks interesting but it’ll be a couple weeks until I get it. My LCS doesn’t get $6 indie books unless someone asks in advance – hey, it’s a business – and I didn’t ask about this. Hell, just heard of it about 10 minutes ago. Reorder time is about 2 weeks; I’ll get it then.

    DD Omnibus: Sweet, but man, I got the floppies and the HCs already. Damn you, Marvel. Damn you. Thank god for instocktrades.

  51. Lots of books, but none of my top 10 except DMZ. I like to get 2-3 of those a week or so, so my stack builds to the proper crescendo. Oh well…

  52. If I donated all those Daredevil floppies to Neb, that would totally justify buying the omnibus, right?

  53. @Jimski – You’d be doing it for the *children*.

  54. Personally I’m enjoying the NewUniversal stories (I realize I’m one of few), so the Conan/Ka-zar-like story looks interesting and I’m eager to read it.

    Everything else coming out this week I’ll get as trades from the Seattle Public Library. (I just don’t have the cash for that many books. I’ll pay for them via my tax dollars.)

    I am going to pick up last weeks issue of Fear Agent, so I’m excited about this too.

    BQ: No, don’t grow it back. You’re looking good without it. In fact, you should shave your head too. That way you can sound like Ron, and look like Conor.

  55. Wow, big week for me — 13 books. Unlucky!

    Most lookin’ forward to – The Final Crisis tie-in books, Wolverine & Kick Ass.

    Most not lookin’ forward to – comics making so poor I gotta eat peanut butter sandwiches all week.

    BQ – Whatever Mrs Josh likes best is what he should do with his facial hair.

  56. *making ME so poor

  57. I have 11 books this week. Most looking forward to Ambush Bug and Old Man Logan. And Daredevil. And Avengers: the Initiative. And Trinity. Damn, this is a good week.


    There are THREE Avengers titles coming out this week, and I have a feeling the Avengers won’t be appearing in any of them. Sad.


    BQ: I also shaved my beard off. And like Josh, I need to grow it back. 

  58. When I had hair and a beard, I kept hearing that I looked like Kevin Smith (which isn’t surprising, as all fat guys with a beard and glasses look the same.) But then I shaved off the beard and buzzed my hair, and now I look like Andre Agassi with a drinking problem.

  59. Josh…..the answer is a mustache. The answer is always mustache.

  60. @lukehopkins – Stop hating our freedom.

  61. @ThomasKaters It’s molestache. I say go with a goatee

     Really looking forward to the new Runaways volume. I am hoping now that the current X-Force arc is over this month, that the next one will be better. If not, I am dropping it. Also, Star Wars Rebellion is starting to lose me.

     BQ: Beard, or at least goatee.

  62. First time poster…heard about the website when I was in San Diego.  My wallet will be very empty as I have 25 books and 1 TPB that I’m picking up, and that’s me not even picking up Runaways (gonna wait for trades on it.)  Really looking forward to Last Will and Testament.

  63. Quite a few books I am excited about reading. Both Spideys, Proof, and Brit may be my top reads. Of course, the SI tie-ins might trump those.

    BQ: Hmm…go for a neck beard! Someone’s got to bring that style to the forefront.


  64. How about one of those beards stuchlach has as an avatar? You know like what every man had back in the 1800’s. That would look bad-ass on josh. 🙂

    Oh and my spidey sense is telling me conor is going to pick……….Trinity for his POTW! Cant wait for tomorrow to see if I’m right.

  65. Lessee 23 books, 3 trades, 2 HC & 1 Omnibus. Weirdly enough the main one i’m looking foward to reading is the Metal Men HC and as for issues it’s without a doubt Superman Beyond.

    Why did i have to pick comics as my hobby and not something cheaper like collecting pez dispenesers or smoking?

  66. Really excited about this week and intentionally ignoring the price tag associated with it. 

    BQ: I just got rid of mine too, rock the shaved visage for the autumn then get er’ going again when it gets cold I say.

  67. @Jimski~  The children support whatever choice you make.  Even the blind ones…with super senses.  Think about it.

  68. Question for the iFanbase: This is totally off-topic but I couldn’t find another thread more appropriate. In Robin #176, in the final panel where Tim leaps off the building away from Spoiler (convinced that Bruce’s gone crazy and he’ll have to take over), was it just me or was the ‘R’ on his costume changed to a ‘B’?

    Am I going crazy? Was it a typo in my issue? Has this been answered somewhere else? Apologies for the randomness, I literally just noticed this re-reading it. 

  69. I looked back at the page & I think it was just the angle, or a mistake by one of the artists that made it look like a B, I doubt if it was intentional. Do you think it’s a clue about who will win the battle for the cowl?

  70. I dunno, but I’m glad someone else kinda sees and I’m not going crazy. It could be an in-joke from the artist that slipped by, but if you look at the R on the opposite page it’s a clear R with no join at the bottom, then in the final panel it really looks joined to form a B.

    I’m probably reading too much into it, even though they seem to be heavily hinting in that direction with what Bruce said to Spoiler and Tim’s closing line. Dunno… fun to speculate though.