What Secrets Can Be Found in Future Tony Stark’s Timeline?

In the grand comic book tradition as seen most recently and prominently in 52, I present Future Tony Stark's Timeline!

(Click to enlarge as much as our system will allow. If you have the issue itself that might be better reference.)

When I saw this page in Avengers #5 I giggled like a school girl! I love when they do these kind of things. Future Tony's Timeline includes jokes, references to past stories, clues to upcoming stories, misdirects, things that will never come to pass, easter eggs, and more! Let's start breaking it down like a flowing locked Tom Hanks.

My favorite?

What I wouldn't do for a drink!


  1. tasty! i will dredge this for a good while….

  2. Most interesting points:

    "The Drumm (as in Jericho) of the Revenger."

    "Steve’s Vision!"

    "Iron Lad Returns."

    "Yesterday’s X-Men."

    I like the idea that Steve’s vision of a peaceful world would be realized right before Ultron destroys everything. 

  3. Surely hope Galactus Seed is not what I think it is.

  4. I absolutely loved this panel. I stared at it for awhile breaking it all down.

  5. That’s what a continuity break-down looks like.

  6. Looks like there’s going to be a traitor in Avengers Academy

  7. Now that’s some good Romita Jr. art!

    I love the use of ‘Throwbacks’ being used. Does that mean everyone is gonna dress in their old uniforms? Like throwback jerseys? 

  8. awesome!  It’s like the walls of Rip Hunter’s lab in 52

  9. I was wondering if we were going to have to wait for the POTW podcast to hear the ifanstaff on this panel.

    I spent a good 5min looking at this as well.  I love this stuff

  10. The timeline doesn’t seem accurate to me. you have Seige at the very beginning, then you have Cap Reborn? And Hope Returns After THREE but all of the FF are seen in Second Coming? And to the left of CHAOS what does that say about Spider on something?

  11. That page alone made it worthy for my pick of the week. To think, I was pondering dropping this book after the first story arc, but not after this issue. It was a lot of fun.

  12. "Steve’s Vision" refers to a vision of a nightmarish future that Cap saw on his recent return.  In the same month, Tony, when going on his vision quest saw nearly the same thing.  Rumors flew that such was the next big event.

  13. I hope Rip Hunter throws his time bubble right into Tony Stark’s balls!

  14. "Return of the King" might be Blackbolt’s return?

  15. Master of Kung Fu? yes

     Return of the king? Huh?

  16. Return of the King is simple.  all the heroes sit down and watch the extended version of the movie.  OH! better yet, they conduct a radio drama of the novel!  Wolverine is Gimli, and Vision is probably not Aragorn.

  17. I’m holding out hope that "Return of the King" refers to the long-awaited "Heroic Age: Elvis" mini-series.  I’m pretty sure he’s the only person in a jumpsuit that hasn’t been made an Avenger, yet.

  18. Man I studied this page last night like there would be a test!! Where is Wanda? Whats in the rings? What rings?

    They hooked me in with this.  Bendis.

  19. "Night falls" is vague, but Night Thrasher could be tied to it

  20. @Quinn… nice visual, "Thank You verry much"

    @Bodebiek.. ok now that makes sense. Just as long as Sentry’s return is nowhere on that timeline!

  21. I liked "Fear without Man" – if it ends up being more than clever wordplay, it’s a nice concept. 🙂

  22. Galactus Seed could mean thatthe World Eater is a proud Papa, or that his kid has been out there for a while now…


    Also, there is a point early in the timeline where there’s a question about something Cap saw ("What Do Cap Saw?", or something like that, under "Captain America Reborn") and before the Ultron War, there is "Steve’s vision."

  23. I wonder if Galactus seed has something to do with the Ross/Krueger Earth-X. Wait…nevamind, that was a Celestial seed. Or maybe…

  24. 3(Skull)Ion – Ultimates shout out?

  25. @ Jesse1125 I’m also looking forward to seeing something about Kang. Also if Iron Lad returns that’ll be a treat. I never liked the new vision. He isn’t the real Iron Lad and he never will be. He’s basically Ben Reilly to the actual Peter Parker. Similar, But Not the Same.

  26. Could the Ultimate Universe cross over into the 616?

  27. Interesting. Both Marvel and DC are going pretty heavy in time travel.

  28. Nova Antiquus is the most intriguing to me.

  29. Return of the King could only mean Black Bolt. Not sure about Night Falls though.

    This may put me in the running for a No-Prize, but I assume the reason some of the events are out of order is because Stark was writing them down from memory. Plus they are right in the middle of a chaotic time-space clusterf*ck.

  30. It intrigued me too, and some dictionary out there actually has it (at first I looked at plain ol’ dictionary.com) Antiquus means old or ancient, so maybe a former Nova is coming back, or is a key to somethin. Hell, it could be the first ever Nova.

  31. Return of the King could be Black Panther going back to rule Wakanda.

     Night Falls could relate to the New Warriors storyline coming up called "Night" (or at least I think it is)

  32. @VichusSmith – that would explain why it’s "antiquus" and not "antiqua."  I’m thinking it’s a Nova Roma reference (from waaaaaaay back in original New Mutants), or maybe a tie into Hickman’s SHIELD story.