What If It Wasn’t a Crappy Monday Morning?

I don’t know about where you are, but where I am, it’s Monday. In every sense of that horrible word. It’s kinda chilly (which isn’t horrible), and it’s overcast, and I’ve got a hell of a week in front of me, and I can tell I’m not the only one here who’s feeling it. I think I saw Conor crying a little this morning in the elevator.

“But Josh, why are you complaining to us? Surely we understand that our lives can’t always be a little ball of awesome. How is this relevant on a comic book site where I go to forget about things like the fact that it’s a crappy Monday?”

I get to thinking, and I start wondering what I would do if, instead of putting in my day at the office, I could just go read some comics? What would you read, and how would you do it?

Okay, the perfect scenario right now is that I would still get up kind of early, because if I sleep till noon, I’m not gonna have time to really dent that stack I have in mind. So a leisurely 9:30-10am wakeup would be about right. But then, what do I read?

I’ve been thinking of doing some re-reading lately. But time is scarce. But if it wasn’t, this would be the plan.

Starman. This is the great series I never finished. I own five of ten trade paperbacks, and I really loved them. I have no idea why I didn’t finish this series. But I never did, and every time I think of buying some more, I realize I don’t remember anything about where I left off. On top of that, they don’t number the outsides of the books, so it’s hard to remember which one I need next. A couple of months back, I managed to re-read the first 2 volumes, and I think I liked it even more than I did the first time. With James Robinson writing, we get the story of another DC legacy, but this time, it’s a reluctant one, and Jack Knight does not, in any way, want to follow in the boot steps and fin-headed costume of his father, Ted Knight, the original Starman. But obviously he does, and we get this odd little gem that is both perfectly placed in, and entirely different than the DC Universe around it. Tony Harris of Ex Machina is on art chores, and while he’s come a long way since then, his art is still entirely unique, and so fluid. So I’ve got 3 more of those trades, and then I have no excuse not to start buying where I left off, lest they go out of print.

So that would bring me to about lunchtime. On a perfect day in my neighborhood, that would mean traveling down the street to the local pizza place, and getting some slices, and reading comics. This will require something short, and collected, because I can’t be bringing old issues down the street, and get pizza grease on them. So for that, I’m going to bring the first Transmetropolitan collection, which is just the first 3 issues, called “Back on the Street.” This is like ten bucks retail, and if you like anything Warren Ellis has done, but haven’t read this, you’re blowing it big time. That might be all I have to say about this book.

Lunch eaten, I’m going to head back and check out some actual issues. When I moved the bulk of my comics to the alcove under the stairs in my mother-in-law’s basement (not unlike Harry Potter really), I kept a couple boxes in the house which contained certain series that were close to my heart, with the intention of re-reading them some day. That day has yet to arrive, but in those boxes are complete runs of Y: The Last Man, Powers, Gotham Central, and Queen and Country. I think at this point, I’d have to go with Brubaker and Rucka’s Gotham Central. The reasons for this are thus. Reason #1: It’s quite good. You may have heard us speak of this point before. Reason #2: I recently found myself looking at an original art site with Michael Lark’s artwork, and the pages are very competitively priced, and seeing as I am a great fan of Mr. Lark’s work, I would like to own some of these pages. Yet, having not read the book in some time, I’m not entirely sure which pages to go after, so if I read it again, I might find one that means something to me, or that strikes me as excellent in some way.

So what about you? You’ve got all day to read comics? What’s it gonna be?


  1. I’m still behind on my weekly’s because of Comic Con, and reading Harry Potter… I

  2. First to comment on your picks:

    Starman – I own every issue. Every mini, one million, 80 page giant, EVERY ISSUE. There’s no series that has been more influential on the way i write and what i choose to write than Robinson and Harris’/Snjeberg’s STARMAN.

    Transmet – I’ve tried and tried, and I could never get into it. I almost feel bad about it, but hey, I tried twice.

    Gotham Central – Another book I own every issue of. I really want to one day, if I’m lucky enough, to give these to my kids as examples of what a great comic can be…if there’s even comics then.

    My picks:

    Criminal – I can’t say this enough. There’s never been a better book to buy the issues over the tpb. The extras in what would usually be the letters column are every issue to buy these.

    Superman:Birthright; Preacher; Pride of Baghdad; Fables (after volume 1…it really picks up on 2); Secret Wars and now, Civil War.

    Any of these are good for a rainy day. At the end of the reading you feel satisfied.

    I know I don’t pick a lot of Marvel books, but there’s plenty of good single issues in there that I like…once that Brubaker Cap Omnibus comes out, I’m calling out.

  3. As I sit in my law school class, extremely bored learning about why there was or was not a contract between two parties, I am longing to finish reading the Bone collection that I recently purchased. I own several trades that I have yet to catch up on, but the one calling to me the most is Preacher.

    I sometimes get down about the lack of quality books left out there for me to get, but then I do 2 seconds of research and see that there are troves of books out there that I should be reading. If time and money were no option then I think I would read every Sandman, Starman, and Birds of Prey just to name a few.

  4. I would read all my “Girls” trades. Then read my “Ultimate Spider-man” hardcover’s. Then I would read my “Strangers in Paradise” pocketbooks.

  5. and then i would eat Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza…pepperoni

  6. I would finish the y the last man books and then I would start reading the Jetta Tales Of The Toshiwagawa trades I ordered on line. I’ve been wanting to read those but my stacks have been to big. Has anyone else read these?

    Ohh yea first I would read the Fear Agent trades that have been sitting on my desk for a while. If I had time I might reread the Walking Dead ’cause that is my favorite book out.

    That would be awsome.

    P.S. I would just pig out all day too. Eating and comics go hand in hand with me.

  7. I haven’t thought about it in a while, but in years past I’d occasionally think, “What if I took the day off and didn’t tell anybody, not even my wife? Actually, what if I got up like always, got dressed for work, headed out the door, and then just had the day to myself?” For some reason, the idea of a secret day off really appealed to me, but not because I’d go get into trouble. I realized that, more likely than not, I’d spend a lot of that day sitting at the library.

    Lately, I have been working my way through the New Avengers from scratch, knowing now what I didn’t know then. Being able to finish one issue and immediately pick up the next really kicks my enjoyment of the series up a notch, and in its new context I am seeing Skrulls everywhere. It would be nice to do the whole series in a sitting.

    Mainly, though, I would probably dip into the ancient classics. Specifically, I’ve gotten a bunch of these “all 400 issues on one DVD” collections this year, and I do not have time to even touch them. It’s a scandalous waste of gift cards, and I would dearly love the time to just sit down and start the FF at #1 to see what all the fuss is about regarding this “Kirby” fellow.

    Also, I was recently watching this comics video show about old G.I. Joe comics that made me want to revisit those. I just have so many things I haven’t read a first time…!

  8. Honestly? I’d still be asleep.

  9. I would reread all of the 100 Bullets trades. I just finished 11, but I forgot a lot of the stuff that happened before it.

    Also I the complete Bone. I just picked it up at a Bargain Book Store, and I can’t wait to read it.

  10. it would be between something old and something new. for me, something new is the green lantern/green arrow trades i just got for my birthday. something old? i’ve got a taste in my mouth for my worn out copy of the infinity gauntlet, because i love me some adam warlock.

  11. Wow congratulations Josh that was awesome, great job. That was a great column, not a post or new thread but an interesting comic book related column the kind that wizard should have, instead of spoilers and movie stuff that we don

  12. Aside from my stack of books that I’m still behind on, I think I’d try and barrel through both Loveless and DMZ in single issues. I started hoarding issues since their first issues, but realized halfway through that they’d read better in big chunks (Loveless especially).

    If I were just going to re-reading something… I think I’d try and read through New Avengers to find the Skrully parts.

  13. The beginning of the Skrull bits is on the first page of New Avengers #1. I pulled it out and took a look. But if you didn’t know, there aren’t really any clues.

  14. I’ve got a lot of stuff I’d like to read (and reread) if I had the time

    To read:
    HELLBLAZER – I’ve got about half of Jenkin’s run on this to go through. I read the first half and thought it was pretty decent, considering he was following Ennis.

    STARMAN – I’ve pieced together the whole run with trades and single issues. It’s sitting in a stack near my bookshelf ready to read.

    SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATER – I’ve read an arc here or there, but never in order or more than one at once. A run I spent close to three years putting together, mostly for under $1 an issue (I so rock)

    VARIOUS TRADES AND OGNs – I’ve still to read 1001 Nights of Snowfall, that Sandman anthology that Gaiman did a few years ago, Moore’s last Top 10 OGN, Batman: Black & White Vol. 2, Bizarro World (the second one, whatever it’s called), plus about 10 or so more. I always throw a trade I own on my weekly stack, but almost never get to read it.

    MOUSE GUARD – Gotta get to this one quick with the new series coming out soon.

    So, once I’ve read everything I have purchased (man, that is so depressing and decadent at the same time), here’s what I’d reread:

    PREACHER – I’ve already done it twice, and would love to tear into it one more time

    POWERS – The Image issues are really great

    PUNISHER – Ennis’ Marvel Knights run, both the ongoing and the mini

    TRANSMETROPOLITIAN – I burned through it the first time, and I’m sure I’ve missed a lot (although I remember exactly where I was when I read the panel about the “chair leg of truth”)

    ULTIMATE X-MEN – Maybe I’m remembering wrong, but I remember Millar’s run as being pretty damn exciting.

    ULTIMATES – I’d like to read this one in one sitting. I’m sure it flows much better as one giant 26-some-odd issue story.

    SUPERMAN: RED SON – This one was really excellent.

    Christ, there’s about thousands more. I’ve just done some rearranging of my long boxes, and I’ve got 20-plus boxes, and there’s gotta be some gold in them thar hills.

    I’m taking off the week after the Baltimore Con. Hopefully I’ll get a lot of my reading done then.

  15. Catch up on Walkind Dead trades.
    Read Kingdom Come (I know I am an idiot)
    Strangers In Paradise Vol. 1
    Fun Home
    DMZ Vol. 1 and 2
    Fell Vol. 1

  16. I’m with conner, why get out of bed? But I’d probably hit up:
    DMZ, Y the LAST MAN, WALKING DEAD, trades
    were I to hit up the back issues, John Byrne classics always hit the spot on a rainy day I say.

  17. Re-read

    SANDMAN – I got the ultimate edition and haven’t read it in this form.

    SEVEN SOLDIERS – I got the series in the order recommended by Grant Morrison in my to read box, but haven’t gotten to it.


    FROM HELL – I got the latest hardcover edition but haven’t found the time to read.

    RONIN – Gotta get to it before the movie.

    btw Ron, Starman is incredible up to the end.

  18. btw Ron, Starman is incredible up to the end.

    I’m hurt, and a little offended.

  19. STARMAN…is my favorite ongoing of all time,so I re-read that series about once a year, and that’d take me through most of the day.

    I also love me some SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE, another great series that doesn’t get its due.

    Another book I re-read ritually is SUICIDE SQUAD. It’s pretty amazing how well that book holds up over time.

  20. This was actually an incredible time for this to come up on the site. I just took a vacation this week with the intention of re-reading a lot of my trades and what-not. Today is the first day of that vacation and my stack of things to read this week includes: Watchmen, Powers, Invincible, Absolute New Frontier, Bone, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Queen and Country, and The Walking Dead. I’m sure I will have plenty of time to get to the rest of my other stuff too. I also took out my issues of 52 to read over again, and I have to recommend this to who-ever has the time to do it. Knowing where the story ends up really makes some parts of the story even better. Steel, still sucks though.

  21. i just picked up somethings that I am really want to tackle but have yet the time.

    Bone- I picked up the volume that includes the whole series.

    Frank Millers Daredevil Omnibus

    tons of essentials and showcases that I picked up.

  22. I just ordered a Lou Malnati’s pizza…pepperoni. Suck on that Jim!!!

  23. this is wierd. i wwas fellin like crap this morning and called in sick. read DMZ vol. 1 watched some venture bros. (brock samson rules) and now am settling into “the spy who came in from the cold” by lacarre. aside from being sick the rain pooring down and it’s the end of summer (in alaska) its not a bad day. late.

  24. I think if I took a year off to do nothing but purely read comics, that year would end with me still yearning to read many many things.

    Although if I had to choose things for one day, I would try to put a large dent in the queue of trades I have saved up (several still from Heroes Con).

  25. First I’d probably reread The Lone Ranger series from Dynamite in single issues. I read them at the start of the summer, and they’re definitely worth a second run.

    Next, on to Pocket Book Two of Strangers in Paradise, and probably a quick reread of The King, both recent iFanboy recommendations.

    And lastly, so I get a little exercise and not completely let myself go, I’ll somehow incorporate my recently purchased, heavier than shit, Absolute Dark Knight into some kind of workout regiment, ending the day on a positive. I’ll probably eat tacos afterwards.

  26. It would definitely involve me sitting down and actually reading my copy of Absolute Watchmen that’s been sitting on my bookshelf since I bought it a few years ago, to be followed by my copy of Absolute Sandman tht I’ve only read the first few issues of. For atmospheric purposes, it would be an autmun day, and I’d be back in Boston, where I’d get delivery from my favourite place (BBQ Bacon Cheddar Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich, Spicy Fries and grape juice).

    It would also be fun to sit and read some of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s collaborations; Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Haunted Knight, Superman for all Seasons, and the Marvel Color mini-series. I’d also probably want to finish the day with a mix of Starman and Kevin Smith & Brad Meltzer’s Green Arrow runs.

  27. I’m going with Timmy on this one. Bone (just got it) and the Daredevil omnibus (want it want it want it!).

  28. I’ve been meaning to re-read DMZ from the beginning, so that would be the top of the list. Then I’d like to catch up with Ultimate X-Men, I haven’t read any of Kirkman’s run. Speaking of Kirkman, I re-read Walking Dead when vol 6 of the trade came out and I’d like to to the same with Invincible sometime. Hmm

  29. Hi all,
    Second time poster, well almost first since it was too long ago, but long time listener.

    Man, I would kill for a day such as Jimsky’s…
    I’m so waaay back in my monthlys that that would do it for me

    Mmmm, but going through PREACHER, BONE or SANDMAN again sounds veeeery tempting.
    Start very early (sorry Connor, have a lot to catch up with!!!!) with a nice cup of espresso and toast, lunch at noon with a couple of beers, nap a bit (ok, ok…) and back for more!!!

  30. I read the fifth Walking Dead trade while on vacation over the weekend. When I checked my email this morning the sixth was waiting for me, on reserve, at the library. I sat down for an hour after worked and tore through that thing immediately.

    However if we are talking about blowing off the day and sitting down to an entire day of comic reading. I would go back to Avengers Dissassmbled and reread the entire Bendis Avengers run, keeping an eye out for some Skrulls. Then I would move onto to the MIKE WIERINGO Sensational Spider-man (w/ Ben Reilly), Superman, and Fantastic Four comics that are in the vault.

  31. I would wake at an early hour, I know that sounds crazy but i feel i get more done that way and every now and again i really like to see the predawn world. It’s peaceful.

    Seeing as i am in a peaceful mood I would want to read something that wasn’t too jumpy, so i would go with the new Graphic Novel from Eddie Campbell, The Fate of the Artist, as something light and fun.

    That would take me to about 9 or 10 and at that point i would want something bigger so i would go with Finishing Strangers in Paradise as i am on the final pocket books of those.

    Two hours later is lunch and for me that would mean issues I have missed, meaning the last two MADMAN books and then the first MADMAN trade after that.

    Lunch digesting in my tummy is going to make me sleepy so a short nap would follow as i tried to make it though Ghost World again.

    giving up on that I have to go to the bathroom short and sweet I have waiting for me Penny Arcade .

    Lets say it’s nearing night, I would go for the last two fables trades, or maybe tried of reading all day, watch 300 while reading 300, and think about just how easy it must have been to write that screenplay.

  32. Oh yeah, I need to pick up those Madman trades. I’ve never read any of it, that would probably be good to spend a day with.

  33. Hmmm..

    I’d probably finally sit down and read The Dark Knight Returns, followed by Kingdom Come(Months ago, I found it while organizing books and I still don’t know where and when I got it), followed by Sin City. I’d also play catch up to that never ending stash of mine.

  34. Maybe I’d finish The New Frontier, or re-read Kingdom Come or Watchmen. Oh wait, I just got a call from the library. Fables v. 5 is in. Ok that would be it. I think I’ll pick up From Hell too.

  35. Swamp Thing all day, every day

  36. So funny that you posted this Josh because this is EXACTLY what i spent my Monday doing! I didnt spend nearly as much time deliberating as you did tho. Your podcast inspired me to pick up Planetary again…i had the entire run but had stopped reading after issue 6 i believe. Jawdropping. Amazing. Put A Smile On Your Face And Make You Remember Why You Love Comics Again good. (That said, DEFINITELY NOT FOR BEGINNERS….this is some dense shit. Conor thanks for the “X-Files-go with the flow” tip.

    From there, I had to keep the mojo flowin, right? Kevin Smith Daredevil 1-8. Fuck yeah!

    Now Im really feeling it. Finished off with the first trade of Kurt Busiek/Cary Nord Conan from Dark Horse. WHAT A DAY.

    Now my only problem is what do I read today? Continue with the Bendis DD trades or pull out the old Marvel/BWS Conan? Choices, choices, choices………


  37. You are killin me…
    a month or more till i can get to my 8 month unread still sitting in the stash in germany…Not to mention stuff i ordered on ebay?
    (Darkhawk run, ghost rider run, moon knight too?)
    and then try to read comics while introducing bosnian GF to both germany, and parents…???? and then drive to france?

    Thanks, now i really miss everything..

    But to answer the q…

    probably read fables in torre..i mean single issues at the kichen table,
    slip in to a decent stack of brubaker DD,

    and try to spend an afternoon with no phone goin thru GL and Green arrow omnibus.


  38. “btw Ron, Starman is incredible up to the end.

    I’m hurt, and a little offended.”

    crap, sorry… I’d been drinking that whole day.

  39. You know, I’m actually pretty surprised at the amount of Starman fans out there. I too, absolutely love this series. I’ve been trying for years to piece the whole thing together in issues. So far, I’m up to about issue 50. It’s so marvelous. I actually just read through them recently, so I would probably read through…

    The Amazing Spider-Man Onmibus that still sits on my shelf, unread.

    Astonishing X-Men, Vol 1 HC

    The Ultimates, Vol 1 HC (Capt. America calling Hulk gay…priceless!)

    100 Bullets

    Checkmate, Vol 1

    Walking Dead HC, Vol 1 and 2

    It would be a wonderful day. Sigh…