“WHAT does Nick Fury LOOK like?!”

Playing the public to get some more money seems to be the tactic of Jules- er, Samuel L. Jackson, who was reported today as saying, “Maybe I won’t be Nick Fury.” After the ousting of Terrence Howard as Jim Rhodes, who was replaced by Don Cheadle, offering a quick answer to the line “maybe next time,” we’re starting to see the first cracks in the quickly burgeoning powerhouse that is Marvel Studios. It’s long been speculated that an Avengers movie with top tier talent all around would collapse under the weight of celebrity egos and salaries, and it seems maybe we’re starting to see it already.

At the same time, is it the end of the world if Nick Fury isn’t played by Jackson? No, I don’t think so. It’s certainly not the hit that it would be if, for example, they couldn’t pay up for Robert Downey Jr. to return as Tony Stark. But it is troubling, since it’s been a Cinderella story so far. Then again, this is the nature of the business and a celebrity is defined by how much they earn, and with The Spirit in his recent past, maybe Sam’s people are a little twitchy and looking for a big payday. So this might all be one big blown up tactic with Jackson daring Marvel to “say what again!

Can you tell what my favorite Sam Jackson role is?


  1. his character in good fellas, haha just kidding, i liked when he got dusted in deep blue sea

  2. oh whoops, i thought i asked what ours was. my bad.

  3. That character’s name is was Stacks.  All the guys in the bar liked him, and he’s come down and play his guitar.

    Anyway, you want to talk about things you like about Samuel L. Jackson, by all means…

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  5. Hmmmm favorite Samuel Jackson part wow! That is a hard one probably  as a tie between Gator Pruify from Jungle Fever and Afro Samurai.

  6. All he had to do was drive the truck to the place where it would be destroyed, but no! Stacks had to get drunk and the hole heist went down the tubes.

  7. not the end of the world, but I enjoy Sam jackson as an actor and am hopeful he could stay on as Fury.  but life goes on. 

    I have to agree with Josh.  Jules is awesome, my favorite role as well.

    "this is some fucked-up repugnant shit right here!"

  8. I thought Nick Fury was a white guy! Bring on Sean Connery as Nick Fury………….. Er, Um

  9. Yeah, this is the kind of shit I was worried about.

    Marvel needs to talk to the Ocean’s 11/12/13 people to figure out how to pay for all these egos.


  10. Hes a great guy, but I think most people are too hung up on the fact that he looks the part.  A great actor can bring it!  So with that, I nominate Will Smith.  Because you can never have enough ego on a movie!  😛

  11. He was just great in the matrix films (lol)

  12. Good riddance!  Jackson is the most overrated actor out there and has done nothing good since Pulp.  Please find someone new in place of his worn out mug. 

  13. Gin Rummy on Boondocks LOL

  14. Snakes on a Plane

  15. If Jackson isnt going to be Fury then they can quickly get a new actor in with one idea. Just have the Sam Jackson Fury as a ‘advance holgram’ of sorts and it changes Nick Fury’s face with each meeting of a Superhero. That way, if we have to meet the real Nick Fury, he can be whatever actor they choose him to be.

    But let’s be serious, there is no reason for Jackson to be unhappy or undecided with this role. For a guy who did Black Snake Moan and The Spirit…..This should be a no brainer to do an Avengers film to make his career look better.


  17. First of all, Jackson survived the prequel movies and Snakes on a Plane.  The man isn’t hurting.  And I don’t know what you’re talking about, because Black Snake Moan was incredible, and Jackson was fanstastic in it.

  18. Sam jackson and Nick Fury are one in the same… I really can’t see anyone else playing Nick Fury.   Actually with Don Chedale taking over the role as War Machine.. then maybe they should get Terrance Howard to play Nick Fury.. Now how f’d would that be lol

  19. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Black Snake Moan was awesome, pure and simple. 

  20. Well just like how you guys were hating on Green Street Hooligans awhile back; I saw nothing special with Black Snake Moan. Let’s look at the credentials for Sam Jackson shall we?

    (Since 1999): Star Wars Episode 1 (considered the worst in the series), Deep Blue Sea (terrible film with only his death as a highlight), Shaft (bad remake), Unbreakable (Okay this was a fantastic film, he did a wonderful preformance), Star Wars Episode II (Another bad sequal), xXx (Really?), S.W.A.T. (decent remake of a 70’s show), The Incredible (another great film and role for him), Coach Carter (one of those sappy and lame ‘we can do it!" type of sports films), XXX: State of the Union (Seriously? You did the sequal?), Star Wars Episode III (best of the prequels but he died in this. Him and dying on film seems to be a trend…), The Man (Seriously?), Snakes on a Plane (a cult classic but come on….that didnt help his career at all), Black Snake Moan (dont see why there is love for this film), 1408 (pretty decent Stephen King adaptation), Ressurecting the Champ (okay film), Cleaner (Seriously?), Jumper (hangs self), Lakeview Terrace (meh), Soul Men (seriously?), The Spirit (how he still gets a job after this preformance bothers me.

    So let’s see…..in my eyes there is maybe 1-4 films I like out of that list of film’s he’s done since 1999. Most of these films he did either had lackluster or terrible reviews as well. So….yeah I dont think he’s had a great career in a long long time.

  21. There were a ton of bad Sam Jackson movies, but Black Snake Moan was one of the best performances I’ve seen from Jackson in years.  It’s got a 66% on Rottentomatoes.com, and is not generally regarded by anyone else I’ve spoken to about it as a bad film. 

    BUT, other than that, it’s been a rough ride for him to be sure.  But then it never seems to matter.  People love him!

  22. Why is there Black Snake Moan hate? Anyways, when I reported this to my friends on twitter yesterday, I didn’t know how to think, but now I’m okay with him not doing the part. The background of Fury during Secret Invasion in New Avengers showed him changing face ala Mission Impossible style, so it could work like mentioned before. If that’s the case the question will be wether David Hasselhoff will be available, haha.

  23. Black Snake Moan was a quality film, Christina Ricci is very under appreciated.  He was excellent in Afro Samurai, I hated Ninja Ninja but I think that was the point.  Another under appreciated co-star in one of Jackson’s movie was Jules’ wallet, Brad.  I honestly thought he was good in the Negotiator. 

    I could see somebody like a George Clooney play a good Fury, he might have to swallow some broken glass though.

  24. Lemme just join the chorus with Paul and Josh — Black Snake Moan was excellent.

    Jackson doesn’t always pick the best roles, that’s for certain. I do feel like he has fun with what he does, though. I appreciate that.  I still like him. I just don’t like a lot of the films he’s in.

    It’d be great to see him as Fury, and it’s already locked into the mind of many a fan (ever since Ultimates), but… I can definitely see someone else as Fury. I don’t think Sam Jackson is tailor-made to play Fury. I just think it would be a lot of fun.

  25. I hate recasts. First Terrence Howard then maybe this ? Please! Get it together.
    And I’m also really impressed that JerichoBp wrote ENGLISH, MOTHERFUCKER! DO YOU SPEAK IT? in binary.

  26. Recasts worked out just fine for the Batman films.

    Wait- I, uh…

  27. I’m not saying I dont love Samuel L. Jackson. I do! All I’m saying is that as a track record, he has had practically an horrid filmography for the last decade. If he was giving a chance to play a film (or even franchise) where it could gain a ton of money and popularity. His cred would go up the roof! He would almost certainly get better roles then Soul Men or The Spirit that’s for damn sure.

    Just like Terrance Howard. You had a great thing going but you let money be your downfall. If anything, doing more sequals will assure more money for marketing and advertising. Plus more studios will look at Howard more to do more films. So it makes no sense to leave something where the promise land is at hand closer then doing a bunch of other, less popular films.

  28. Well, on the end of adding to the cast I just heard they added Emily Blunt to play Black Widow: Natasha Romanoff News!

  29. Sam Jackson is like Michael Caine, yes he’s done some shitty shitty films, and yes he plays himself in the majority of them, but he’s so likable you can forgive him.



  30. He is the modern day Nick Fury, provided he acts like Ultimate Nick Fury…., that said, I’d like to know the whole story behind Terrance Howard getting kicked off Iron Man 2.  Maybe its a good move?  

  31. ‘Ere ain’t Samuel L Jackson the bloke off them irritating Barclays Bank ad’s (in the UK at least). 

    He’s also the chap who played a kilt wearing "Master Chemist" called Emo in the 2001 film 51st State is he not.

    Is it such a loss if Sam da man don’t play one eyed Nick? Not really.  So long as they take care with the casting.  It doesn’t have to be a big name – in fact the fewer big egos bounding about the better. 


  32. Seems weird to feature Jackson’s Fury cameo w/o any thought (or more importantly, contract) for the next film. I think Sam has coasted of late but "Black Snake Moan" wasn’t one of those films. I dug that one the most.

  33. Well what’s good about Jackson being at the end of the film….or more precise, the end of the credits. Is that it’s not like he was paraded around being Nick Fury; it was a quick, 30 second cameo. So again, the idea of him using some type of technology to hid his true identity could still work. If Jackson was psychically on screen during the actual film of Iron Man, then him not being Nick Fury would be a problem. But because he’s not a factor nor is he shown for long; he can be recasted without much of a problem.

    I dont want to go off topic…..But I just dont see what the love of Black Snake Moan is all about, I really dont. If anything I got out of that film is that Justin Timberlake is a decent actor.

  34. "Black Snake Moan" has great music, wild acting, a true & unique Southern feel, and a 3/4 nekkid Christina Ricci for 3/4 of the movie who is bug-f**k crazy in it. Not to mention it is entertaining as all hell. All it lacks is Michael Shannon rattling the walls with his howl at the moon madness.

  35. What Jackson has, in spades, that so many ‘movie stars’ lack is charisma. That guy’s got charisma to spare. He has weight, gravitas and talent. Yeah, he’s made some bad films, but you know what? The guy likes working. The comparison to Michael Caine is spot-on; Caine’s famously said he never turns down a film role if he can do it, he’s old school and likes to pay the bills. And I don’t think anyone would say he’s a bad actor.

    I hope they can work this out, after Howard getting the boot it’s starting to look a little like Marvel’s treatment of actors is pretty shoddy.

    On the plus side… Emily Blunt!

  36. it’s for 3 seconds but I liked him in True Romance too.

  37. I find this hard to believe as Sam Jackson has built a career on not turing down scripts. Or at the very least, turning down only a handful scripts if ever. 

  38. Sure, Jackson’s more of a star than an actor, but we shouldn’t forget that The Avengers is a comic book movie. Do we really need a Kenneth Branaugh type as Nick Fury? I’d rather have Nick Nolte (and I never expected to say that).

  39. Honestly, if he doesn’t do the movie it’s his loss. I like Sam Jackson quite a bit, but let’s be real about this. If it wasn’t for the fact that Nick Fury was drawn to look like him in the Ultimates some fanboys (not me) would be crying blasphemy if he was cast.  While it would be great for him to do it, would it really hurt the film if they got another good actor in the role? Probably not, while most of us stayed for the end credits a lot of "normal" folks I know didn’t and wouldn’t blink an eye if the role was miscast. 

    However, reading the quote from Jackson, it sounds as though his agents and not him are holding things up.

    Meanwhile, this is still a year or so away and I still have weather or not Watchmen is coming out March 6 to worry about. 🙂 

  40. What ain’t no country I ever heard of!  They speak English in What?

  41. That makes me smile EVERY time.

  42. @tittom The story I heard about Terrence Howard was that even after making more money than anyone else in Iron Man, he asked for an even bigger slice of the pie in Iron Man II even more so (again) than Downey. 

     Meanwhile, I don’t think it’s absolutely critical that Marvel get Samuel for Nick Fury, but if they don’t race after him they will regret it.

  43. @jerichobp I see what you did there.

  44. "They speak English in Wakanda?"

  45. Pulp Fiction hands down

  46. I agree… Pulp Fiction without a doubt.

  47. Elijah Price in Unbreakable? Man, I love that movie.


  48. I will have to agree with Pulp Fiction.  If you are in a Taratino film you will get cool dialouge but it takes the right personality to make it sing.  Right Josh?

  49. rofl i agree with pulp fiction!!

  50. I seem to remember recently in the comics where Nick Fury sent out an LMD or hologram that looked exactly like Sam Jackson. He’s always sending out LMD’s to confuse people, and some of them can look different. So they could easily explain why Fury looks different if they change the actor.

  51. swat or unbreakable… i really dont like his newer movies, nor do i think he should have been fury in the first place.  i would love to see loony clooney as fury.

    my biggest problem with jackson: he’s one of those actors that equate speaking loudly or yelling with good acting… its been getting really annoying, especially when we see something like black snake moan that proves the man can act…

  52. If you replace an actor in a role, you shouldn’t mention it or try to explain it.  That’s lame.  If you have any restraint, you try not to make a joke about it.  They’re actors, and they’re meant to make you believe something that isn’t true.  Anything else you do takes you right out of it.  But I’m not a feature film director.  Still, I learned my lessons from Roseanne very well.  Second Becky just showed up, and we dealt with it.  Why was Becky suddenly hotter?  Who knows?

    What was I talking about?

  53. LOL @ Josh. I bust out laughing the first time I saw Second Becky in Scrubs. I was like, "That’s the other Becky!"

    I don’t think it’ll be the end of the world if Sam Jackson doesn’t get to play Nick Fury in the Avengers movie, if and when it gets made. As long as a good actor replaces him that can confidently play the part, then why not? My alternative casting choice would be Delroy Lindo.

    And, Black Snake Moan contained one of Sam’s best, and most subdued, performances. The moment where he picks up the guitar and plays that song for the girl is heartbreaking. It’s roles like that that remind me that Samuel Jackson is an actor and not just a caricature of himself.

  54. I think if Sam Jackson IS cast, he needs to speak completely in slightly modified quotes from all his other movies.

  55. The Force mothafucka, do you weild it?

  56. does it matter?

  57. But Josh, on the first second Becky episode, they made a Bewitched Darrin switch joke and then stared at Becky.

  58. Do you ruin Christmas too?

  59. breaking the fourth wall, they were.

  60. they could use the star of those samuel jackson beer commercials. "oh shit son it’s dave chappelle." bruce willis could be his white LMD.

  61. Downey should play nick fury 

  62. @kevrum


    Downey should play every role, like in one of those Eddie Murphy movies in which he plays the fat family (brilliantly lampooned in the intro to Tropic Thunder).

  63. wikipedia says they used both becky’s concurrently during one of the seasons, so i’m glad i wasn’t watching or that woulda tripped me the fuck out

    @coltrane68: someone had a similar idea already. #4. http://www.cracked.com/article_16362_20-superhero-movies-we-hope-they-never-make.html