What Do User Reviews Have To Do To Get You Into This Title?

A reader does not browse the shelves lest he’s looking to buy, gentlemen.

Have we shown you some of the new models?  Get behind the wheels of these babies and you won’t be able to get rid of the smile.

akamuu here will take you out back to check out under the hood of this Unwritten #5Story 5 / Art 4

It’s a well-told, beautifully drawn story. In my review of issue four, I lamented the lack of creative paneling and art. It is in full force here without seeming forced. The layout, the muted colors, the pencils, they all work in harmony to give this story a very turn of the twentieth century feel.

odare77 says that if you want to see real beauty, real American made beauty, you need to test out BPRD 1947 #3.  Well, yeah, it’s assembled in America at least.  Story 5 / 5

this series builds nicely on it’s predecessor but stands just fine on it’s own. It’s an atmospheric ghost story, with visceral moments of horror which are shocking but not gratuitous. It’s got characters it makes you care about despite only knowing them for 3 issues, and an edifying historical perspective to boot. What’s not to love? Pick of the week!

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coltrane68 thinks that if you really want to feel like someone, someone of importance, someone real, you should be seen in The Marvels Project #2. Story 4 / Art 5

This book is NOT Marvels redux. It is a clever attempt to tell a tale that has never been integrated – the beginnings of the Marvel Universe. In many ways, the Marvel Universe is more cohesive than the DCU (to which it must naturally be compared), but DC has been more concerted in its efforts to make its universe a complete one, largely through forced but ultimately successful efforts such as the crisis books.

DarthDuck is here to introduce you to a new modern classic.  You do not want to miss out on Star Trek Nero #2Story 5 / Art 4

On my first reading this upset me. It felt like such a rip-off from potential stories set within the new reality. But I began to realize that it works extremely well in preserving stories, rather than depriving us of them, and works to show Nero’s drive and hatred of Spock and what he believes Spock is responsible for. Nero never doubts his actions and never loses his drive. And most importantly, and impressively, never loses the respect of his crew. Nero’s obsession and madness on these pages is turning him into an all-time great Trek villian.

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  1. This entire thing made me giggle at my desk. Thanks for the pick me up Josh

  2. Throw in that Doom Patrol #2 review by JeffR and you got yourself a deal, Flanagan!  Just don’t be trying to pawn no lemon off on me!

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  5. @Drake – I’ve a few extra DOOM PATROL #2 reviews that were just lying around.  If Flanagan’s not giving you what you want, just give me a call.  We’re located right across the street. 

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    Fry: "I care! I care plently! I just don’t know how to make them stop!"

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  11. Hey Darth I gave the shows a try (1 episode per each season over the course of 15 years) and the movie and I gotta tell ya… it just doesn’t do it for me. I’m willing to go so far as be entertained by the Star Wars franchise but not the Trek Trope. =