Weird Ass Image Teasers

Yesterday we got this teaser, depicting some sort of LSD influenced, celestial transgendered godling.


Today, we got this one, all with the cancer and the colon, and the what not.



  1. Uh…is that a…?

  2. @Heroville…i just noticed…either that or an arm…?

  3. Penis, yes it is.

  4. Well that beats War Heroes for the most disturbing penis in comics

  5. teehee. You said "penis".

    Seriously, what the f*ck are these about? I’m intrigued.

  6. the shape of the world is…i don’t know…everything?

    and i guess cancer is known for burying things…i’m at a loss.

  7. LCD or LSD?

  8. A clear public service announcements about the dangers of smoking while driving and either transvestites or acid. Maybe transvestites on acid.

  9. @cahubble – heh. You saw nothing.

  10. I see a penis!

  11. This is pretty much just pure awesome.

  12. This is just… this is awesome.

  13. Well, the ads worked, I want to know what this is about.  

  14. now if that was on blotter paper it would truely be high art

  15. @josh: LOL … too much LCD I guess … ;P

  16. @josh @cahubble09 I think who ever drew that had a little two much LDS at some time.

  17. "Is that a…? I think it is! Oh honey hold me cause I’m frightened."

  18. Galactus is a hermaphrodite?


  19. Does anyone recognize the artist? I thought for a second it was gonna be another Umbrella Academy book…..then I remembered they’re Dark Horse.

  20. My best guess is some kind of fcuked up anthology. My next best guess is some kind of new imprint featuring these stories. Either way I’m very intrigued. My indie titles are dropping like flies. I need some new blood for my pull list.

  21. I heard someone say that it looks like she has hooves.  So that could actually be a tail.  I do hope it’s a tail.

  22. There’s a Brett Farve joke in there somewhere, but I’m not willing to make it.

  23. There are two reasons a person might not think that’s a dick.

    1) They desperately want it to be something besides a dick.

    2) They’ve never seen a dick before, nor do they know where on the body a dick might be attached.

     Conclusion: It’s a dick.

  24. I certainly get the idea of the first image. It looks like, even though it’s in shadows, it’s representing all of the major functions of both male/female anatomy. Hence the ‘shape of the universe’ tag.

  25. It’s gotta be a new Joe Casey series.  It’s just gotta be…

  26. One usually has to go to Thailand to see something like that first one…

  27. @Neb that was my first thought.

  28. Maybe it’s a tail, just maybe. Aw who am I kidding everyone knows what it is… It’s the shape of the universe!!!  That’s a new pick up line.

  29. @heroville. No, the horse penis from Crossed is pretty fucked up.  I think that’s a little worse than this one.

  30. You say Gods a women?  HAAAA

  31. I love me sum black penis

  32. @ActualButt it could be a tail.

  33.  Maybe the first set of Skybound books?

  34. I see someone at IMAGE has been to craigslist a little too often. =|

  35. Joe Casey was my first thought as well;  First teaser being very Godland-like.  But I’ll be checking this out whatever it is or whoever is behind it!

  36. no matter what. it’s a good little piece of marketing. It’s got us talking.

  37. Why do I have the feeling that the first image is gonna be related to Chew in some bizarre, disturbing way?

  38. @neb and @jaewaesch Agreed, this does have a certain Joe Casey inclination to it. However, that doesn’t look like Thomas Scioli. Intrigued.

  39. Why can’t anybody get LSD correct?

  40. @vadamowens Yes thats what I was thinking! "This is the shape of the universe." With that picture… seems like LSD to me. But the question is, is this a good trip or a bad trip? Im curious to find out.