Weekly Webcomic Report – 02.14.2011

Hello and welcome to a new weekly column that collects and highlights the best posts and updates in webcomics for last week: 2/7/11-2/13/11. Whether the webcomic is one-panel or several, comedic or dramatic, well-known or 'under-the-radar' or varies in the detail of art – we're here to celebrate the amazing medium of webcomics, its contributors and creators!


"False Start" by Jessica Levey

In Levey's webcomic titled Raincould with a Bar Tab, that updates Monday thru Friday, she capitalizes on the far too familiar experiences, and humor, of the bar scene. Ranging from 1-4 panels a day, this dry humored comic with simple black and white deisgn is a great read for comic fans and enthusiasts of bar and booze culture. 


"Cloth Tiger & Weasel Catch a Fish" by Becky and Frank Gibson 

Taken from the webcomic Tiny Kitten Teeth, this gorgeously hand-painted comic is always such a pleasure to read and stare at. The comic follows the slice-of-life adventures of Mewsli, a fish out of water in Owltown. While the comic updates regularly, the story moves rather slowly as if often takes time to visit another character, Tigerbuttah (seen above), a little tiger that is learning about life and loving it. This post in particular caught my eye for it's beautiful of color composition, cute caption and adorable little weasel. 


"Watch What You Read, While You Eat" by Ryan Sohmer and Karine Charlebois 

From the frequently updated webcomic The Gutters, this topical and comedic comic-geek satire is always good for a laugh. While I've yet to stop in at a Taco Bell for the Marvel comics, I can relate to the gut-busting feeling of their food. Note: this is not the full page posted, it has been cropped and modified for the purose of the column. 


Ratfist – page 21 by Doug TenNaple

There is no question that Doug TenNaple is totally awesome, especially with his new webcomic Ratfist, in which he updates several times a week and returns to a style of storytelling that is reminiscent of Earthworm Jim. In lieu of Valentines Day, this less-than romantic scene of the comic seemed very appropriate for this week's post, along with it marking the start of Ratfist's big transformation. Note: this is not the full page posted, it has been cropped and modified for the purose of the column. 

Batman Valentines by Emmy Cicierega

While her site isn't neccesarily a webcomic, she is a comic artist and this is her amazing art-blog. Often posting drawings, sketches, .gifs or mini-comics, it's fun to peruse her site to see what she thinks of next. For exampe: this amazing digital Batman Valentines Day card is the best. You can follow her on twitter here.


Austin loves webcomics. So, if you or a friend have an online comic, please send the link to austin@ifanboy.com or through Twitter


  1. Gutters always cracks me up.

  2. I apologize profusely for the grammar nit-picking, but I’m not sure this reads how you intend it to:

    There is no question that Doug TenNaple isn’t totally awesome”

    Doesn’t that mean you think Doug isn’t awesome? I thought you did!

    Thanks for these, by the way. I already have a large number of webcomics I read, but I’ll be adding some of these to the list I check regularly… 

  3. Gutters has been added to my list. 

  4. Been keeping up with Ratfist and I must say…Nice.

  5. Jessica Levey is like an untalented, shallow version of Julia Wertz. 

  6. Excellent stuff! I will be checking some of this out later. I already love Emmy Cicierega, her stuff is great. her collaberations with Nedroid and Lemon Demon (her brother!) are always utterly charming.

  7. Wow I like this idea