Weekly Sketch Up – 09.21.2012

Captain Canuck by Kalman Andrasofszky


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Rafael Grampa


Son of Stone by Eric Canete


Mario by Skottie Young


Nightcrawler and Magneto by Evan “Doc” Shaner


The Punisher by Tom Fowler


Green Arrow and Black Canary by Dave Wachter


Spider-Man by Matteo Scalera


Iron Man by Michael Cho


  1. Love the Green Arrow – Black Canary.

  2. Scalera god DAMN.

  3. Spider-man’s look and feel is spot-on.

  4. Cho’s Iron Man is wonderful. Love it!

  5. These are great! I love them all

    • I second that. I can’t pick a Fav. The Punisher word bubble is the best, Captain Cannuck has never looked so badass, Skottie Young brings the whimsy. They are all great. Just wow! Might be the best week for Sketch Ups

  6. Every week I look at this feature and try to pick one or two that stick out a my favorites. Some weeks (this being one) that is impossible, such a great group.

  7. Captain Canuck! 😀 Man I read an issue of it which I bought at the dollar store here in Québec wayyyyy back when I was a kid.

    It made me smile out of nostalgia. Thanks guys! 🙂

    • That Captain Canuck piece is actually promo art for a new animated feature that Kalman Andrasofsky and Cap’s creator, Richard Comely, are working on. I met Comely at Fan Expo a few months ago and he seemed really excited about it. The trailer’s here: http://captaincanuck.com/

    • I know absolutley nothing about Captain Canuck(I thought that was Guardian from Alpha Flight!!).Now, I’m gonna search for some trades to know more about this character! That trailer’s got me interested in the movie also!

    • Wow thanks for the insight kingdomofevan!!!

      I don’t consider myself Canadian at all (hey, I’m a Quebeccer separatist and proud) but I think we need more “international” heroes and not just American…

      I loved it in JLI, it created something special that we, as a human race, can and should aim at which is to threat everyone on the same level disregarding completely differences from cultures and languages.

      And we should get more Canadian heroes like Booster Gold and Wolverine! 😉

    • *treat not threat…

      Dear god I’m gonna start World War 3! 😛

    • WOW Who knew I’d be excited about a Capt. Cannuck series?!?!?

  8. This is one of the strongest weeks!!

  9. Skottie Young, take a bow son

  10. The Scottie Young looks great. I love the Canary/Arrow piece as well and not just because we have the same last name. The TMNT by Grampa is different. A little more realistic take over the usual cartoony versions you see

  11. Hey that Matteo Scalera link goes to Tom Fowler’s page

  12. That Punisher sketch by Tom Fowler was done for me at the Con in Montreal, he kept telling me that he wanted to make it as messed up as possible!

    • It’s fantastic. Tom’s sketches are the best, because they have wit, and a lot of times, they even have a story to them. It’s that extra touch.

    • Damn it I knew I should have went!!! How was it Harwellpkg!?

    • @ Josh When I heard he was coming to Montreal (he was a last minute addition) I made sure I went to see him, great guy as well as being a great talent.
      @ Kill The show was great, still small enough to enjoy everything that you want to. I mostly spend time in artists alley but there was something for everyone. Got a great sketch of Hawkeye from Matteo Scalera as well, he’s definitely a talent to watch.

    • Well next year I’ll buy a full weekend pass! Damn baby shower where I was bored out of my mind when I could have spent the day geeking out with other geeks! 😉

      Well cheers! Might stumble on you at one of like the two comics shops we have in Montreal hehe!

    • I don’t bother going to local shops anymore, I get everything shipped to me from an online company in Ontario, they have been great!

  13. Awesome all around. TMNT was my favorite

  14. Yall have outdone yourselves. Bravo. Turtles is my favorite.

  15. That Iron Man sketch is so great. He practically leaps off of the page. very Kirby-esque. And that Spider-Man! The perspective on that one is outstanding. Skottie Young can do no wrong. I want him to draw all the comics. This is the best Weekly Sketch Up in a while!

  16. Cool to see Captain Canuck on the very day I ordered The Complete Edition! Can’t wait to see the animated feature.

    Love the humor on Fowler’s Punisher and Cho’s energetic Iron Man exploding off the page!

    Heck, all of these are excellent!

  17. I’m really starting to like Matteo Scalera’s art. I don’t read Secret Avengers but seeing all of these sketches around the web is making me wanna see an entire issue of his work.

  18. That Green Arrow/Black Canary is making me weep over what that book has become.

  19. Really like that Mario and Spider-Man.