Weekly Sketch Up: Holiday Edition – 12.23.2010

The Weekly Sketch Up is up a little early as we wanted everyone to share in the holiday cheer that so many comic artists like to take part in.  Grab that mug of egg nog, turn on Phil Spector's A Christmas Gift For You and enjoy this wonderful holiday art!


Some classic Marvel Characters from Various Artists from our friends at Marvel Comics



Our pals at Dark Horse Comics sent this Holiday Card with Darth Vader by Tsuneo Sanda




Gene Ha, Geoff Johns and DC Comics gave us the Larfleze Christmas Special along with a great Orange Lantern cookies recipe




Image Comics celebrated with this piece featuring Skullkickers by Edwin Huang




Fawcett gets festive in this Marvel family greeting from Evan "Doc" Shaner.



Dan Hipp sends seasons greetings from Halloweentown. 





"Say 'ho' three times and then cough, please?" Here's a holly jolly pat-down from the amazing Tom Fowler.





"Happy Holidays Dick!" by Brion Salazar




Chris Samnee sends this adorable greeting from Thor and Jane and Volstag too!


  1. Merry Christmas Everyone, and Happy New Year!!

  2. D-lightful.

  3. “Even though Thor give you these gifts, this is still not relationship.”

    LOVE the Santa patdown – hi-larious.

    Happy holidays, iFanboys and iFangirls.

  4. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and here’s to a great New Year! Enjoy iFanboys!

  5. God Bless Chris Samnee. I might just have to borrow that for next year’s Christmas card!

  6. That Nightmare Before Christmas sketch makes me feel like a kid again, : )

  7. That Thor sketch is prolly my favorite of the year. Happy Holidays, everyone!

  8. @Thursday  have to wholeheartedly agree with you, dood.


  10. Post Coital Thor has changed so much for me–I can’t look at that sketch without seeing his grin as something like, “This present get Thor sooo lucky later.” 

  11. I didn’t need to see that patdown…

    “Thor thought we could try something new with Santa…” 

  12. Ho ho ho ! Merry Xmas fanboys !

  13. These made me very happy.  Thanks guys!  Happy holidays!

  14. “thor hope he not forget to give gift to other girlfriend”

  15. The santa/TSA one got me saying hohoho alright.

  16. “Thor hope Jane like this lingerie.”