Weekly Sketch Up – 12.03.2010

Doctor Doom vs. the Doctor by Dan McDaid

Hellboy by Andy Kuhn



Boba Fett by Mike Huddleston



Hunter Rose by Mahmud Asrar



Jonah Hex by Tom Fowler



Hawkman by Yildiray Cinar



Jonny Quest by Gabriel Hardman



Big Lebowski by Dave Johnson



Superman by Francesco Francavilla


  1. Thank you to whoever is moderating these comments.

  2. 12.03.2011? I love sketch-ups from the future.

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If I’d been pressed to guess who drew that first piece, I’d probably go with Guy Davis (very much a favorite). Great piece from McDaid there. Wonderful krackle too. 

    And I love the color wash on Cinar’s Hawkman. Beautiful.  

  4. @kingdomofevan  a mere slip of the finger!

  5. @josh S’all good. Great selection this week.

  6. The Dude abides

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    And I kind of really, really want Gabe Hardman and Jeff Parker to do a Johnny Quest book. 

  8. That Hawkman is awesomely good!

  9. Great stuff this week. Hawkman and The Dude tie for my favorite. Though McDaid’s Kirby Crackle is quite terrific. If I were a Dr. Who fan that would probably win my heart.

  10. Love the Hawkman.

  11. Holy crap!  Yildiray’s Hawkman is stunning!  Francesco’s Superman has as much movement as is physically possible in a static image!  I want Doctor Who vs Doctor Doom on my wall!  Exclamation points!

  12. I love Johnny Quest. He needs to come back and comics would be the perfect place. Also The Dude and Walter.

  13. that Jonah Hex scared the crap out of me !!NICE

  14. That Hawkman made me pause in my scrolling. Wow!

    Also, if anyone ever tried to write a Doctor Who/Fantastic Four crossover, their keyboard would burst into flames from the awesome.

  15. Great Selection….nice Boba Fett

  16. Is The Doctor holding the Cosmic Cube?! I want to read that comic!

  17. Johnny Quest!

    Who has the rights to that character? I would read the hell out of that comic if it was done right.

  18. Careful man there’s a bevarage here!
    Hawman is awesome.

  19. Now that’s a Johnny Quest series I can approve of!

    Also, sorry to plug another site but, comicsalliance has a colored version of that Doom vs Doctor Who sketch and it looks great. 

  20. yilidray cinar is awesome

    and who the heck is hunter rose?

  21. I would love to see any new series with art by McDaid.  Jersey Gods was fantastic! 

  22. Another great week.  Josh, man, I want to personally thank you for running these down and showcasing them.  I use them as screensavers on my Kindle along with my favorite covers.  Every week there’s at least one piece that just knocks me flat.  Bravo, my friend.

  23. I just notice this feature (thread)–very cool, please cointinue.  I’m so outta of touch, so excuse my question, but are these pros or fan art?  If pros, including some fan art would be a nice addition as well, just a thought.

    That Jonah Hex is cool, where is he, in the land of TWD?

  24. These are comic pros, but talented amateurs have been featured in the past.