Weekly Sketch Up – 11.23.2011

Abe Sapien by Eric Canete

Deena Pilgrim by Mike Choi

Catwoman by Rafael Albuquerque

Batman by Jock

Robocop by Chris Schweizer

Angel by Chris Samnee

Usagi Yojimbo by Dave Johnson

Scott & Jean by Phil Noto


  1. These are all great! The highlight for me is Phil Noto. Very cinematic.

  2. Chris Samnee’s art just makes me s’damn happy.

    Noto’s killing it, as per usual, too.

  3. Dat Cat. Also phenomenal work from Phil Noto as usual. Unfortunately though, that’s probably the weakest Batman image I’ve seen from Jock.

  4. Ya those are all awesome…

  5. That Catwoman poster… Why has that not occurred to anyone before? It’s genius.

    And, once again, godDAMN Phil Noto.

  6. Phil Noto. Wow. And Jock? Need to get him back on a regular book. If Jock took over on Sawmp Thing I would die.

  7. That’s some awesome Abe Sapien there. However, hats off to Catwoman, if only for me being a huge fan of the original print.

  8. Short week but strong art. thanks guys

  9. Phil Noto is so good it’s unfair to everyone else

  10. Short and sweet indeed. I’ve never read an Angel (or Buffy) comic but I’d check it out if Chris Samnee was making it look like that! I’d love to see that Robocop too as I like the idea of injecting some humour into the character. Oh and Mike Choi makes Deena Pilgrim look hot. Or is that just me.

  11. Suh-weet!

  12. I’m guessing that Ron has already ordered a framed copy of that Noto piece. Wow, stunning.

  13. hot damn that Usagi is magnificent!

  14. Catwoman and Usagi are great!

  15. Very cool take on Usagi.

  16. The Choi Pilgrim was a stand-out, as was the Noto (I particulary liked how Scott seemed blurry in the background).

  17. catwoman….oo la-la

  18. So hard to pick a favorite, but the matter-of-fact way that Angel is disposing of that giant head makes Samnee the winner. Congrats, Chris. My incredibly high opinion of you remains unaltered.

  19. Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    I’d take a print of that Catwoman. Brilliant.
    I can’t get over the weird depth of field on the Noto piece. Seems like an odd decision.

  20. I want that Catwoman piece as a poster, too!

    And just seeing Jock doing Batman again reminds me that he would do a great Batman/Judge Dredd story, having done both before…
    That’s a crossover franchise that could use some revisiting…
    Especially now Dredd is older and oddly Batman is younger…

  21. The depth of field just helps to focus the eye on Jean’s face…I think it works really well. Photographers do the exact same thing in portrait shots.

    • It’s weird in that things that are the same depth from the ‘lens’ (her arm, hand, hips, face…) are both in and out of focus. That’s not how depth of field works.

  22. This was a very strong group of sketch-ups. I’m always surprised and delighted when I see a character that has always (or almost always) been drawn by a particular artist drawn by another person. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone but Oeming draw Deena Pilgrim and I have only seen one or two images of Usagi Yojimbo that Sakai didn’t draw. It’s so cool to see another interpretation.

    Also, Noto knocked it out of the park again.

  23. That Samnee sketch says everything I loved about that character.

  24. Love, love, love D Johnsons Yojimbo, as i love every line he draws on paper.

    Every night I snuggle up with my Super Patriot limited series and dream of 100 Bullets covers.

  25. Also love Eric’s Abe Sapien actually, reminds me of Amano.

  26. Catwoman, wow!

  27. So many good ones. That Catwoman is my desktop now. I liked the original already, and that is a great take on it.

  28. Noto nailed this one… it is ridiculous how good he is!

  29. Just noticed in the comments section of his blog, Albuquerque said he’ll have prints of the Catwoman soon.

  30. I think Eric Canete need to be added to the lists of artist who should draw all the comics.