Weekly Sketch Up – 10/15/2010

"Green" Lantern by Amy Mebberson


Batman by Scott Chantler

Iron Man by Cliff Chiang


Creeper by Gabriel Hardman

Hawkeye by Declan Shalvey


Hellboy and Wonder Woman by Eric Canete


Kabuki by Kevin Mellon


Nexus by Mitch Gerads


Superman by Andy Kuhn


Scarlet Witch and Vision by Joe Quinones


  1. They say it’s never easy being green.

  2. Joe Quinones is just…wow…

  3. Cliff Chiang’s Iron Man. Awesome.

  4. Ditto Chiang’s Iron Man.

    Hardman can just about draw anything, can’t he?

    I love the minimilism of the Superman piece – just a few lines, but it really, really works. Very nice.

    And give me a Hellboy/Wonder Woman series now, please?

  5. I’d read that Hellboy/Wonder Woman books in a heartbeat.

  6. I would read the hell out of a Wonder Woman/Hellboy book.

  7. That Hellboy/Wonder Woman sketch is sick.  Imagne those two mythologies clashing together…

  8. I’d love to see a Muppet/Green Lantern crossover now thanks to Mebberson.

  9. Great to see somebody show some Kabuki love!

  10. Would Kermit’s Green Lantern oath be the lyrics to the Muppet Show theme?

    "It’s time to light Green Lantern’s light!"

  11. Iron Man – Hawkeye- alot going on in those

    Nexus is good but Would have veen nice to see Rude do Nexus.

  12. @Josh I thought you’d like that Hawkeye sketch. Declan Shelvey is awesome.

  13. Iron Nipples!

  14. Cliff Chiang just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t he?

  15. Sorry, meant Shalvey.