Weekly Sketch Up – 10/08/2010

Dr. Strange by Eric Canete


Queen and Country: Operation Morningstar by Brian Hurtt


Batman by Jock

Batman by Paolo Rivera


Batman by Skottie Young


Batgirl and Robin by Mahmud Asrar


Electro by Gabriel Hardman


Crogan's Adventures by Matt Kindt


Rescue by Kevin Mellon


Autumn Tree by Jill Thompson


Silver Sable by Francesco Francavilla


Spider-Man and Black Cat by Tom Fowler


The Electric Mayhem by Eric Canete


  1. LOVE Paolo Rivera’s Batman and Tom Fowler’s Spidey/ Black Cat

  2. I wish everyone’s Batman looked like Rivera’s Batman.

  3. It’s all about that Batgirl and Damian.

  4. Canete should seriously draw a Dr. Strange title.

  5. Jock + Batman = me cleaning up my own drool.  Love that Muppet sktech by Canete and the Batgirl and Robin sketch.  Great stuff.

  6. Cante should seriously draw the Muppets (and Dr. Strange).

    Love Electro and Batgirl and Robin! 

  7. My favorites are the Silver Sable, and the Batgirl/Robin.


  8. I LOVE both Canete piecee, but why is Sgt. Floyd Pepper playing on the back of his bass guitar?

  9. See for some reason Jock’s covers and quick sketches are gorgeous.

    But let him fine tune it interiors, get it inked, and then color it…..and I think it ruins a lot of his charm. 

  10. Rescue is one of my favorites and that sketch captures an aspect of the character so accurately!

  11. My three favorites – Fowler, Hardman and Francavilla – return. Great collection this week.

  12. The jock Batman, coupled with hearing Snyder talk about Detective really makes me want to pick it up, but still hesitant for reasons @TNC has given.

    loved all of the other sketches, they were great.

  13. Rivera’s Batman is awesome. Like Jock’s too. Asrar’s Batgirl/Damian is terrific – looks so complete for a con sketch!

  14. I can’t wait for he next Crogan book!

  15. Why is Batman’s cape 15 feet long in that Jock sketch? It looks ridiculous.

  16. Love the Jock and Scottie Young sketches. I really wish that more comics would be colored in some of these watercolor/sketch type styles instead of the overdone photoshop gradient madness that we see. These artists have great color work in them…let them do it!

    @s1lentslayer—maybe its a homage to SPAWN/Macfarlane? 

  17. @s1lentslayer…it’s a WELL known fact that when spandex gets wet in a driving rainstorm at midnight, stretches to 2.35 times it’s average length when blown from west to southeast!……… duh

    and it’s STILL a beautifull piece by Jock

  18. I love the Batgirl and Robin piece, it makes me smile. Also, the Electro solidifies my art!marriage to Gabriel Hardman and I think I’d give up breathing for the Silver Sable piece.  

  19. This might be the best itieration of this article thus far.

  20. Is strangely turned on by Black Cat’s leg warmers 🙂

  21. Young’s Batman reminds me of Sienkiewicz. Simply awesome. Batman goes to Oz needs to happen!

    Jock needs to kick start vol.4 of Batman: Black & White. I almost believe it loses something being colored.

    Rivera needs to go DC sometime soon. A Rivera Mythos-type book at DC would be stunning.

  22. All those Batmen are beautiful, but I yearn for a full Batbook (a one shot will do) by Skottie Young. Damn you Marvel exclusitivity!

  23. Someone should give Kevin Mellon more work-Thirteen Steps was good looking. I also like the fact that he sounds just like Philip Seymour Hoffman on the crankcast! 

    Silver Sable also just got a lot more interesting to me. 

    Skottie Young ftw though. 

  24. I loved that queen and country piece

     also, what is autumn tree and why would someone commission a cover of a log?

  25. It’s a tree in the autumn. She painted it because she liked the colors.


  27. That Jock Batman is absolutely money. I want more, B&W Batman, interiors, Jock, etc.

  28. lovin Paolo Batman, im assuming it is Grayson.  Hope to see more Grayson Batman work.

  29. Great batgirl and silver sable!