Weekly Sketch Up – 10.26.2012

Batman and the Doctor by Gabriel Hardman



Fin Fang Foom by Doug Hills


The Rhino by Alex Robinson


Hammer God by Eric Canete


Peanuts Halloween by Kalle Malloy


Leatherface by Dave Wachter

Orko by Dan Hipp


Batman vs. Bane by Yildiray Cinar


Batman by Jock


  1. WOW,,This has to be the best week in sketches ever

  2. This is one great week! I think Yildiray Cinar is one of the most underrated artists in comics.

  3. Oh those Batmans (Batmen?)! Cinar’s is awesome, I’m always a sucker for the blue and gray costume with the yellow emblem.

  4. How I miss Jock drawing Batman! 🙁

  5. I am printing that Kalle Malloy Great Pumpkin piece. Wonderful use of perspective!

  6. Parri Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    Take a bow, Dan Hipp.

  7. I want Jock back on a Bat book.

  8. The lighting in that Hardman sketch is stunning.

  9. Chances of a real batman/dr who crossover?;)

  10. An Alex Robinson Rhino book would be full of penises

  11. Sweet sketches. I wish I had talents

  12. “I got a rock”
    Peanuts …just priceless!!

  13. Great selection – my personal faves are the Hardman & Cinar but every piece is brilliant. Take a bow, Josh.

  14. Batman and the Doctor: Pure Win. I want to read that comic, especially if Gabriel Hardman is drawing it.
    Orko: If I knew more about He-Man, I’d probably be more into it. As it stands, it’s still pretty cool stuff.
    Batman vs. Bane: Really cool, really dynamic stuff.

  15. All 3 Batman sketches AWESOME!

  16. ORKO!! Yes!! Sketches this week are amazing. Love Batman and the Doctor and Orko the most. 🙂