Weekly Sketch Up – 10.22.2010

Guy Gardner by Joe Quinones


Gandalf by Dan Hipp


Daredevil and Punisher by Declan Shalvey

Batman by Andy Kuhn


What If Avengers by Francesco Francavilla

Hamster fart by Kalle Malloy


Jonah Hex by Sean Phillips


Golden Age Superman with bulldog by Chris Samnee


Spider-Man by Dave Johnson


Poison Ivy by Mahmud Asrar


King Kong by Dave Wachter




X-Men by Mike Hawthorne


  1. Dave Johnson’s Spider-Man and Francesco Francavilla’s medieval Avengers are things of beauty.  Josh, I feel like you’re just going through my deviantart favorites at this point.  so much good stuff.

  2. I love the Phillips Jonah Hex and the Samnee Superman.

  3. If Marvel is reading this, I would buy the shit Medieval Avengers, and quite probably extra copies to force onto complete strangers.

  4. That’s not Gandalf, that’s Alan Moore.

  5. should be "buy the shit out of"


    …time to go get coffee.

  6. i too would purchase the Medieval Avengers book.

     Also, Gandalf and Alan Moore are the same person. Moore really did kill the Balrog… 

  7. Francavilla should design more first avengers! that is a great sketch.

    The Dave JOhnson Spider-Man is also a great sketch!

  8. Love the Samnee Golden Age Supes.  Great stuff.

    Also, Sean Phillips should drawn an issue of Jonah Hex.  For realz.

  9.  Since everyone will be discussing the breathtaking First Avengers (which should totally be a book) and the amazing Spipder-man sketchs, I’d just like to take the time to mention how awesome that x-men sketch is, and I’m not really and x-men fan.


    @arhartman so Alan Moore is Gandalf, in addition to being Rasputin? He is a busy, busy man.

  10. I want to read that "What If" Avengers.  That hamster fart is great too.  "Paf!" ha ha

  11. Well I would totally read Earth’s First Heroes

  12. Love the Dave Johnson Spider-man, that is simply fantastic.

  13. You need to click on the X-Men sketch to see it in its full glory. It’s the winner this week. Easy.

  14. That X-Men sketch makes me want to break out my colored pens and go to work(, but I’d only ruin it).  Impressive.

  15. Oh Declan Shalvey, you have become one of my favorite artists right now with Thunderbolts, 28 Days Later, and now that Punisher/Daredevil sketch. He needs to do Punisher now!

    Also, I just love how everything is so grand in scale and then you see a hamster farting. Kinda sums up the site in a way…. 

  16. I would definitely buy First Avengers if Francesco drew it. Also love Declan’s Punisher + Daredevil and that Gandalf is just great.

  17. Is Sean Phillips’ Hex on canvas?

  18. I’d read Avengers: Earth’s First Heroes like it was going out of fashion.

    Also, hamster fart made me giggle.

  19. I want to read that Avengers story right now! I never buy anything based on the covers (except my "companions"), but I would love to pick that book tomorrow and lick the art on it. Wait, I think I’m getting my desires mixed here… Nah, I didn’t.

  20. OMG. That Frankavilla sketch is fantastic! He is head and shoulder my favorite (living) artist. He tops himself with every sketch

  21. Great stuff as always. Francavilla is awesome. Lovin Asrar’s Ivy. And that Hawthorne X-Men? Whew. Beautiful. I look forward to this post every week.

  22. Ooh, I like that Daredevil. Very nifty costume!

  23. Oh, and let me say this: that Avengers cover? Not a What if! That story happened, its in continuity, its cannon. It just hasn’t been printed or scheduled for release, but yes, script exists and it’s mindblowing. No alternate reality shit, those events are as true as the characters. Some of you may cry and whine (cuz that’s what you do) that its not in wiki yet but, it is real. And yes, there was some effing ret-conning in it! And it was beautiful!

    And that is how I like my comics, served ruthlessly and shoved without mercy. Just like those Avengers where drawn by Francavilla. 


  24. Like the DD/Punisher and the X-men. (Woah, definitely Dark Phoenix… check out that face.)
    But that What If Avengers by Francesco Francavilla… holy moly!
  25. @ato220

    Looks to me like it’s a toothy and thick watercolor paper Phillips is using.  Either that or it’s a Photoshop filter, but, somehow I doubt it.

    Francesco is easily becoming my newest favorite artist.