Weekly Sketch Up – 10.12.2012

Aquaman by Selena Goulding


Havok and Storm by Dave Wachter


Skeleton Girl by Stephanie Buscema


Beppo by Chris Eliopoulos


Steampunk Supergirl by Mahmud Asrar


Thor by Rich Koslowski


The Breakfastables by Andy MacDonald


Blacksad by Matteo Scalera


  1. Every week there’s a Scalera I’m simply blown away.

  2. I agree. Blacksad was the best for me too. Beppo looked good too.

  3. They NEED to make a new Elseworlds series with Steampunk Supergirl.

    • Please no more steampunk… I thought it was somewhat cool when I was into Shadowrun and read The Difference Engine… but now its just kinda silly.

    • Grandturk, you could always just not read it or something.

      Anyways, I’d much rather see a steampunk Batgirl than Supergirl. It’s all about the gadgets.

    • That print has to at least inspire Green and Johnson to write a steampunk issue of Supergirl.

  4. Steampunk Supergirl FTW.

  5. The Breakfastables, now that is a film I would go see.

  6. Wait until Breakfastables II – Honey Bee’s Revenge

  7. That Blacksad is ridiculous. I’m fairly new to Scalero’s work, but I love it.

  8. If you can’t wait once a week to see AWESOME Scalero artwork, peep out his DeviantArt page. It’s glorious.


    He and Sean Murphy totally get my jealous praise for their phenomenal ink work. Glory!