Weekly Sketch Up – 08.30.2013


Wolverine by Nic Klein




Wolverine vs. Broo by Dave Wachter




Spider-Man and Venom by James Harren




Thor by Mahmud Asrar




Fear Agent by Tony Moore



ROM-1 chris samnee

ROM by Chris Samnee




Batman and The Question by Gabriel Hardman




Lobster Johnson by Tonci Zonjic




The Avengers by Sean Murphy


  1. Wow! Sketch Up is back with a vengeance!
    Great selection, Josh. I can’t pick a favorite. Hell, I can’t even pick three favorites.

    That Murphy Avengers peice is amazing! So much going on without seeming crowded at all.

    Let’s get Hardman on a Batman/Question series immediately.

    Asrar continues to stun me. I wish he was on a book that I read.


    Is anyone better than Tony Moore? The answer is no.

  2. I’ve always loved Gabriel Hardman’s stuff (Picked up Station to Station on iFanboy’s recommendation this week). Never thought about how perfect he’d be on a Question story. Also never thought about the fact that Heath Huston and myself have the same haircut.

  3. That Avengers sketch is just beautiful.

    I absolutely love that Wolverine vs. the Brood sketch. That makes the kid in me who read those issues when they came out very happy.


  4. Why why why can’t the hassle end so we can get a Rom comic again?

    • Well, didn’t Marvel kill off the Space Knights in Infinity last week? That’s kinda admitting defeat on the issue, I would think . . .

  5. Wow Sean Murphy is good! And Hardmann always draws a wicked Batman!

  6. I think that ROM sketch is a straight up homage to an existing ROM cover, although I can’t remember which one.

  7. I would just like to say that I hate gobo.

  8. Beautiful!

  9. I really dig this week’s selection. I urge anyone who likes Nic Klein’s Wolvie sketch to check out his blog. Super awesome and powerful artist. The drawing this week is just a small sampling of his scope of work and draftsmanship.

    James Harren I started following on DevianArt, and man, his stuff is inspiring. He does a delicious OMAC, among others.

    Of course, it wouldn’t be Sketch Up if there wasn ‘t a Murphy drawing in there. He kills it every time!!! Plus, apparently he’s got a Batman story coming down the pike, so I’m super excited for that.

    Can’t wait till next week.

  10. Wow, great picks this week!

    That Spidey/Venom one looks intense!

    The Batman/Question is the comic that we deser… Screw it, it looks cool!

    Sean Murphy’s Avengers is pretty kick-ass!

    And that Thor… You know what, I’m gonna start picking up Thor! 🙂

  11. So a Question series with Gabriel Hardman should be something that exists.

  12. Avatar photo filippod (@filippodee) says:

    So stoked to find Ivo Milazzo in this page! He is on of my all time favorites.

  13. Add some Scalera and I think all of my favorite artists are represented here. Wow!

  14. if I had the money to spend I would commission a Fear Agent vs Spaceboy sketch from Tony Moore… Just sayin

  15. ROM!

  16. That is an absolute stellar selection of drawings. But I think the title of this weekly feature needs to be changed, how can you call what Tony Moore did a sketch. That piece of fine art is an absolute masterclass in detail.