Weekly Sketch Up – 08.10.2012

The Amazing Spider-Man by Dan Hipp


Kemlo by James Harren


Hulk by Leinil Yu


David Duchovny Borg by J.K. Woodward


CM Punk by Jill Thompson


Batman and Robin by Chris Burnham


Batgirl by Marcio Takara


Galactus by Stjepan Sejic


  1. Man, I love Burnham’s big-headed Damian.

    • He just nails that expression that no one’s been able to do but Quitely.

    • That is great art, but it highlights how bad the Batman “janitor coveralls” costume is. It’s the only costume I look at and think “yeah, generic segmented armor is actually better”.

    • @bub64882: I love this Batman costume. Way better than the current one. WAY better.

    • What Conor said. I was so annoyed when they didn’t keep the Inc. costume after the relaunch.

    • Must just be me then…I’m pro-yellow oval, but I’m missing the trunks, or something to make that grey look like more than a mechanics pullover. Oddly, the fantastic Batgirl right below doesn’t give that same “endless grey” impression to me that the Batman one does.

  2. That Batgirl is just great.

  3. B&R and Hulk are fantastic.

  4. That Hulk sketch makes me extremely interested in the upcoming Mark Waid/Leinel Yu (that is the artist on the book too right) Hulk launch.

  5. Great use of the Statue of Liberty for scale on that Galactus piece.

  6. My boy Kemlo!

  7. Galactus says: “Come get some.” Sweet.

  8. That Galactus piece almost looks like Concept art…

  9. loving the Galactus one!

  10. You guys spelled Duchovny’s name wrong. And Woodward spelled his face wrong. That doesn’t look anything like him. Cool concept though.

    Galactus wins for me. With Batgirl close behind.

  11. Dear DC, please bring back Top 10. As long as James Harren does it, i won’t care how crazy pissed off Alan Moore gets. Thank you.

  12. omg…. next new idea. Ultraman – Galactus mash-up fight/… make love comic? OR a capsule that transforms someone into a glutinous world eater for 3 minutes.

  13. CM Punk by Jill Thompson….simply the Best in the World. Awesome.

    Takara’s Batgirl…that’s some sweet cartooning.

  14. Wasn’t feeling these that much till the last 3 …..then wow….Love the Batman and Robin and Batgirl and that Galactus is cool too.

  15. Is Galactus offering liberty out to a fight? She would kick his ass. (don’t think about Ghostbusters 2, don’t think about ghostbusters 2)

  16. (If CM Punk grew up listening to George Clinton he could have been CM Funk) Great pictures.

  17. BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!