Weekly Sketch Up – 07/16/2010

Daredevil and Bullseye by Francesco Francavilla


Nick Fury by Mitch Gerads


Hellboy by Duncan Fegredo


Magnus Robot Fighter by Yildiray Cinar


Superman by Skottie Young


Starman as Elephants by Matt Fraction


Flash by Mahmud Asrar



Slave Leia by Darwyn Cooke


  1. Wow, I think this might be the best sketch-up week yet!

  2. OMG! Every single one of these Sketches are so AMAZING in their own right!!!!

  3. Darwyn Cooke draws women like nobody’s business!! (can’t stop staring @ Leia staring @ me )

  4. What will it take to make Skottie Young my little artist monkey in my house?  And Matt Fraction?

  5. I’ve never seen Young as an Superman artist. Until now.

  6. Wow, Darwyn Cooke!

  7. Truly another great offering. Cooke kills it with that Leia, and Skottie doing some Superman stuff would be quite okie-dokie in my book.

    Technical question – how do artists do those bullseye (pun kinda intended) sketches like Francesco’s above? Is that two separate drawings combined into one through photoshop or scissors and paste, or is it actually drawn that way? Either way, it’s brilliant and beautiful.

  8. Yay Magnus Robot Fighter!

    Gets me even more excited for the upcoming series!

  9. That Leia sketch. DAAAAAMN.

  10. The Fraction sketch is mine.

  11. that hellboy is crazy good. and that flash is gorgeous.

  12. OH EM GEE….that Superman is amazing.

  13. Yeah, Asrar’s and Cinar’s works (who, along with Canete, seem to have grown up on Aeon Flux) are absolutely mesmerizing, but how can any man resist the form of slave Leia drawn by one of the best in the biz?


  14. OK now I want to see Skottie do a Golden Age JSA book.

  15. I really love  the Bullseye/Daredevil one 

  16. @Genghis – Canete didn’t grow up on Aeon Flux, he worked on it and designed a lot of it.

    Listen to this Talksplode I did with him last year.

  17. Magnus Robot Fighter for the win!

  18. @Josh – Holy crap, of course!  No wonder his style looks so familiar.  So Peter Chang, being the animator, didn’t necessarily do all of the stuff you’re telling me now Canete did – as I had assumed all these years.  Either way I love his style and others like his as I loved Aeon Flux’s style back in the day.

    Damn, that also means that Eric’s a lot older than he looks, I’m thinking. 

    Now I gotta go check out the handy link and related episode!  Thanks for the tip.

  19. That Magnus looks way more exciting than most of the actual Magnus stuff I read in the past.

  20. Love that Scottie Young Supes, and everything else he does. 

    Francavilla is a genius. 

  21. my passionate man-crush on skottie young continues…

     also, slave leia, *drooooool*