Weekly Sketch Up – 07/09/2010

Some people seek the Eisners. The real glory lies in Sketch Up. Believe it.

Asterix and Thor by Mitch Gerads

Dr. Strange by Drew Rausch

Beta Ray Bill by Chris Samnee


Wildcat and Robin by Tom Fowler


Rhino by Skottie Young


The Thing by Ryan Stegman


JLA vs. Avengers by Matt Kindt


Abbey Road by Paul Pope


  1. That Dr Strange is tremendous.

  2. The Thing looks great.

  3. That Tom Fowler sketch is amazing. Love the silhouette of Batman in the background. 

  4. i like the beatles sketch best this week…

  5. Dr. Strange & Rhino made me laugh my ass off. But the best of this selection has got to be Paul Pope’s Abbey Road, I never thought that anyone could make such an iconic album cover more iconic looking. Especially with a sketch! This sketch has brought me so much joy : )

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I love that Skottie’s Rhino sketch shows just how ridiculous that costume really is. It’s such a weird, wonderful concept.

    Also, WILDCAT!  

  7. Holy crap Paul Pope.  drool

  8. That Tom Fowler piece is positively sketch-tacular.

  9. As first I thought Batman (in the JLA/Avengers sketch) was striking an anguished pose, but then I saw he was garroting Captain America.

  10. I own that Wildcat/Robin piece. 😀

  11. Matt Kindt is awesome. I love his style

  12. Very cool stuff again this week – love the Fowler piece.

  13. I get a Venture Bros vibe with that Dr. Strange sketch.

    Also, if Stegman was asked to do Fantastic Four with Hickman…..I’d buy it. 

  14. I love the Asterix/Thor, Beta Ray Bill/Frog Thor Sketches and who doesn’t love a good Beatles sketch. As always great Sketches.

  15. Asterix! I feel like that pose is straight from the cover of some Asterix tale. I love this feature.

  16. Damn, Tom Fowler. D-amn.

  17. Rausch’s Dr Strange is fantastic. Also, everything Skottie Young does is fantastic. 

    I guess I’m in the minority with not being a fan of the Thing sketch?  The head seems like the wrong shape to me… 

  18. Has Samnee ever missed a week?

  19. There has never been a week when he couldn’t have made it. But he hasn’t been in all of them.  Most, though, yeah.