Weekly Sketch Up – 07/02/2010

Asterix by Tom Fowler


Batman and Harley Quinn by Humberto Ramos

Aquaman Before by Chris Samnee


Cable by Eric Canete


Ben Linus by Francesco Francavilla


Mouse Guard by Mike Norton


ROM by Matt Kindt

Aquaman after by Chris Samnee


Elephant Knife Fight by Ryan Stegman


  1. lol@ chris samnee’s aqua wonder-man. thats really awesome. =)

  2. Tom Fowler is too good…….

  3. Would be suprised if Mike Norton’s sketch does not end up becoming a tattoo stencil for some Mouse Guard fan(s).  Well done.

  4. ROM SPACEKNIGHT is the greatest superhero of all time.  Suck it, Batman.

    Actually, Aquaman in that WW costume looks less ridiculous than his traditional one. 

    I would love it if Cable showed up like that in a comic.  If you’ll indulge the 90s-style compliment, I have to say that Canete RULEZ and is X-TREME!!

  5. @ultimatehoratio – Having never heard of ROM SPACEKNIGHT, I’m off to wikipedia.

  6. The real secret in Lost: Ben Linus is a Jedi.

  7. That Mouse Guard sketch had falling over my chair laughing & crying constantly. Now I need to go see a chiropractor, but I think it was well worth the laugh fest, maybe (ouch!). lol

  8. Batman’s head looks tiny… Still, I like it more than the average Ramos picture.

  9. Can we PLEASE have a ROM Essentials!! That would make my day!!

    @stuclach—-search for Mike Romo’s article awhile back on this awesome toy/comic!!

    Best part of Humberto Ramos’ drawing is the awesome colors!!Great use of shade/highlights

  10. @Jesse1125 – I’m on it.

  11. @Jesse1125 @stuclach – Are you referring to Jimski’s brilliant article "The Trouble With Rom"?


  12. @ultimatehoratio – That’s probably why I was having trouble finding a Rom article by Mr. Romo.  Thank you, sir.

  13. @stuclach…ultimatehoratio……Whoooops my bad ;(               –nice save with the link thanks

  14. if only Rom was battling Baron Karza….

  15. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    That Cable is NUTS! I love it.

    Man, Tom Fowler killed it on that fantastic Asterix piece. Wow!

  16. Great stuff this week. Just finished Mysterious and am on a huge Fowler kick, and that Asterix is just beautiful. Wasn’t expecting the second Samnee WonderAquaGuy sketch – I chuckled out loud at that. And while I’ve never been a huge fan of Ramos, I’d certainly buy a Batman book with him on it.

    Really, looking at these sketches every week makes me realize just how untalented I am. (Big sigh)

  17. Dear God in Heaven above, the talent on display this week. I hate ROM and still love that piece. Canete is incredible and that Ben Linus … sheesh. Add Norton, Samnee, Fowler, and crew and – thanks. Just thanks. To the artists who created it, the twitter army who tracked this stuff down and of course the iFanboy’s for collecting it all. Thanks. 

  18. ROM may be a good generational yardstick.  Those of us that remember ROM are officially old.

  19. I love the Asterix piece. If i remember correctly it might have been one of my first introductions to comics. This is a great article i look forward to every week. Great sketches all around.

  20. ROM!!!!

    I want to see a whole sketch article dedicated to Ben Linus. I’ve seen so many great sketches by artists doing the character. 

  21. Samnee continues to impress and amuse me. Cannot wait for Thor the Mighty Avenger.

  22. Love the Ramos Batman.  Awesome collection this week.

  23. Jeez Louise the artwork this week…

    Canete’s work just gets better and better.  So many of my favorite artists’ work is good enough that I wonder why it ever should be colored.  And the detail in Cable’s…cables was positively Darrow-esque!

    Samnee gets the humor award this week.  Francavilla’s on a roll with his iconic images.  This one belongs on magazine cover for the LOST fan club.  Always love Ramos’ work though admittedly Quinn’s looking a little…*ahem*.  

    But I’ll give it up for ROM Meets Cthulhu!

  24. Samnee is f’ed up.

  25. ROOOOMMM!!!

  26. Ramos, Canate and Fowler are geniuses and please someone tell Ramos to keep up his rendition of Quinn. Call me what you will, but it’s fantastic.

    Samnee’s so messed up. Thanks Josh for the pic, I will definetly reference this at the next ECCC (*In a Michael Lark voice: "Samnee why you like Aquaman in a dress?")

  27. I believe Harley was undone in Ramos’s sketch by her ridiculously large breasts.