Weekly Sketch Up – 07.28.2013

IronMans_CaneteIron Men by Eric Canete


Fett_HippBoba Fett by Dan Hipp



Luke Skywalker by Paul Pope



Hellboy and Michaelangelo by Ryan Lee



Michael Jackson by Jim Mahfood



Wonder Woman by Tom Fowler



Tigra by Paolo Rivera



Mary Marvel by Josh Middleton



Pete Campbell by Dan Panosian


  1. great selections!!!
    the essence of Pete in that sketch.
    Tigra’s my fav. ,great eyes; use of color and yes hair

  2. Paul Pope doing Star Wars needs to happen, like immediately.

    • I think he did some work on a Dune adaptation. I’m not sure if it was for-real or for-fun, but that would be pretty great too!

    • Holy crap, Josh Flanagan! This week’s sketch up is incredible! Paul Pope and Eric Canete’s pieces in particular are just mind bogglingly gorgeous!
      Good work, Fella!

    • Yea my first thought was “damn Luke Skywalker never looked like a cooler bad ass before”. Great week, but the Luke and Boba were the top.

  3. I thought that Pete Campbell was Tony Chu at first.

  4. Hells bells, Tigra!

  5. Nice to see classic Mary Marvel this week.

  6. Paul Pope and Star Wars go really well together.

    No offense to the men who draw that Dark Horse series but….Can we get Pope in on some action?

  7. Mary Marvel is my favorite. Reminds me of the old Mel Ramos paintings.

  8. I want to read THAT Mary Marvel book now!

    • Avatar photo tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

      Agree emphatically. I also like how she looks a lot like the lead actress in the BBC series ‘Call the Midwife,’ Jessica Raine. She also appeared in an episode of Doctor Who this season: Hide. I think she’d make a perfect live action Mary Marvel. Not that there will ever be a live action Marvel Family film, but I can dream…

  9. Tom Fowler’s Wonder Woman looks amazing.