Weekly Sketch Up – 07.26.2013


Spider-Man by Sara Richard


Snake Eyes and Firefly by Lee Weeks


The Dude by Kalle Malloy


Charles Bronson Wolverine by Chris Schweizer



Captain America by Mitch Gerads



Captain America by C.P. Wilson III


Back to the Future by Sean Murphy


  1. That Weeks Snake Eyes and Firefly is all sorts of goodness.

  2. If only we could use a time machine to make that Bronson Wolverine movie a reality. Stupid laws of physics!!

  3. I wish that Bronson as Wolverine & Sean Murphy Back To The Future were actual titles. Also the Lee Weeks piece is stunning. Great week!

  4. I want a Sean Murphy Back to the Future comic RIGHT NOW

  5. Sean Murphy’s inks are great, really like the detail on the delorean. It would be great if he did a new adaption of back to the future.

  6. I don’t know who Sara Richard is but she draws a good looking Spidey.

    Let’s see an ‘Upstarts’ article on her!

  7. Oh man, I swear Francavilla could turn shit into gold.

  8. Turns out I got the Francavilla credit wrong. The Bronson/Wolverine is by Chris Schweizer.

  9. Hey, Josh… I gots lots of cool stuff over on my Tumblr… use what every you want.