Weekly Sketch Up – 07.15.2011

Batman by Chris Mantil


Storm by Janet K. Lee



Starman by Tony Harris



Goethe Statue by Stuart Immonen



Invincible by Ryan Ottley



Kitty Pryde by Cliff Chiang



Martian Manhunter by Kevin Nowlan


Waiting for the Professor, Xavier Mansion, 1966 by Phil Noto



Gambit and Rogue by Ryan Kelly



Spider-Man by Skottie Young


  1. I so love Skottie Young’s art… Especially on the Oz book. (and this is pretty much the same style he uses in there)

  2. Awesome!!! The Kitty Pryde by Cliff Chiang, and the Spider-Man by Scottie Young are my favorites. Of course they are all amazing!!

  3. I was at the con where Janet Lee did that Storm and got her to do one of my daughter. Great stuff. She did a Molly from Runaways that weekend that left me wishing for a Runaways reboot with her on art.

  4. Kitty Pryde is so 80s! love the Michael Jackson Poseter, Pacman and floppie disks!

    That Batman sketch would make a sweet cover. 

    That Scottie Young Spiderman is kinda creepy.  

  5. Love that Batman sketch. Exceptional.

  6. heh, love the Dakota North comic.

  7. Aboslutely LOVE all the 80’s references Chiang packed into that sketch!
    That Invincible is priceless!

  8. That Kitty Pryde is beautiful but that Rubic’s Cube is going to be impossible to solve.

  9. Phil Noto is the comics Messiah.

  10. Janet Lee on a Storm book?  I want that now. The Ryan Kelly and Phil Noto pieces are really nice too.

  11. Cliff Chiang’s sketches are making me so giddy for Wonder Woman #1.

    And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can Skottie Young be on another book outside the Oz world?  He may be my favorite artist working right now.

  12. I knew I recognized Ryan Kelly from that thumbnail.  He’s sooo good!  

  13. Lovely selection, but the Batman one is sweet as hell.

  14. That Invincible sketch made me laugh so hard.

    Then I saw that woman say “Um…thanks” and I laughed even harder. 

  15. Whatever happened to Lila Cheney?

  16. Phil Noto kills this thread every week. Love that dude

  17. @dent309  I can’t not include him. There’s something amazing every time I look at his blog.

  18. whoa, I want these! now!

  19. In my fantasy world, Land is replaced by Chiang on Uncanny X-Men.  That would be SO much better. 

  20. I never thought I’d say that Kitty Pryde makes me want to read Wonder Woman.

  21. hehe, A Daddy-Long-Legs SpiderMan. Cliff Chiang is growing on me (i’m a comic noob) and Phil Noto’s awesome as always. Does Ryan Ottley count because he just drew the character he’s been drawing for a while now?… then again he did SKETCH the thing.

  22. LOVE WEEKLY SKETCH UP!!! I want a big poster/print of that Batman!!! As usual, they’re all excellent.

  23. I especially love the Kitty Pride Chiang piece and Young’s Spider-man…..great stuff.

  24. I want Ottley on Spider-Man. There. I said it.

  25. Jason Aaron /PHil Noto X-men would be a new golden age.


  26. Batman
    Black and Yellow – Black and Yellow
    Black and Yellow

    You know what it is- 

  27. I would love to see what Ryan Kelly could do on a superhero book (Marvel or DC)