Weekly Sketch Up – 06.29.2012

Green Lantern by Moritat


Jesse Pinkman by J Wright


Wonder Woman by Chris Samnee


The Joker by Skottie Young


Newt (Aliens) by Khary Randolph


Megatron Slam by Andy MacDonald


Storm by Matteo Scalera


Spider-Man and Vulture by Gabriel Hardman

Spider-Man by Michael Cho


  1. Holy sh*t! Strong weekly sketch-up this week! Both Spider-Man sketch are beyond this world! 😀

  2. I love that one of Newt in Aliens

  3. Michael Cho. Holy crap.

  4. Jesse looks like John.

  5. two thoughts, both tangentially joker related.

    1. anyone else think that jesse pinkman sketch looks more like dave mckean’s joker in arkham asylum?

    2. wow, skottie young. i swear, the guy could draw a phone book and i’d be all over that shit.

  6. #1 That Storm sketch is beyond awesome.

    #2 I love the Jesse Pinkman…..bitch.

  7. Skottie Young’s Joker has me stunned! WOW!

  8. Wow. Strong week.

    Samnee’s Wonder Woman is wonderfully simple.

    Randolph’s Newt is beautifully composed.

    I wouldn’t mind a Moritat GL issue or two.

    Cho’s Spidey explodes (second awesome week in a row for him).

    Also, Mohawk Storm!! Goddamn I love that look.

  9. Think it would be cooler if Megatron was catching a football. Just saying.

  10. Cho’s Spidey is awesome, ditto Hardman’s. I love Gabriel Hardman, never seen anything by him I’ve not been into.

  11. Since the likelyhood of Darwyn Cooke ever doing any work for Marvel is more and more out of the question, Michael Cho would be a great substitute. That Spider-Man is amazing!

  12. Why does Pinkman look like John Constantine?

    More importantly, why aren’t Gabriel Hardman and Chris Samnee drawing all of the comics?

  13. Samnee needs to draw all the things.

  14. Awesome sketches again this week. Cho’s Spiderman sketch has absolutely blown me away. It is stunning.

  15. I’d be proud to hang any of these on my wall. Damn!

  16. All of these sketches are fantastic! But, I really dig on that Michael Cho Spider-Man. Not only is he a brilliant artist, he is one of the nicest guys on the planet. If you make it to Fan Expo Canada, be sure to drop by his table, have a chat and buy a print…or four.

  17. Man, the original artwork for the Samnee Spidey has sold already. I need to keep an eye on his stuff as there’s an amazing Batman and Robin by him in his shop as well that’s gone.

  18. I really appreciate all the well done feet. Cho’s has to be the best of the lot in that regard.