Weekly Sketch Up – 06.03.2011

Juno by Jamie McKelvie



Captain America by Reilly Brown



Adam Strange by Tyler Champion


Batman by Gabriel Hardman




Invincible by Ryan Ottley



Wolverine by Dustin Nguyen



Fear Agent by Tom Fowler



Punisher by Rob Guillory



Mandarin by Kevin Mellon



Wolverine by NIc Klein



Joker by Christopher Mitten



Joker by Jeremy Haun



DC Rock Girls by Cliff Chiang



Marty McFly by Jamie McKelvie


  1. Love the DC Rockers idea.  Who is the drummer?  I can’t tell.

  2. That Mandarin sketch…man.  That’s really good.

  3. Avatar photo JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Oy!  The tweet promised Gabe Hardman.

  4. Joan Jett/Wonder Woman is awesome. Jim Lee should be paying attention!

  5. i really like that Adam Strange…esp. the colors. very nice. 

  6. @CharlieBlix  Batgirl

  7. @JFernandes  Rectified.

  8. Love that Invincible sketch. And the Mandarin one. And i would totally buy that DC Rocker chicks comic if it existed. Who is the drummer, though? Looks like one of the Bat Gang from Dark Knight Returns, but that’s kind of an obscure character to throw up with Wonder Woman, Zatanna and Black Canary.

  9. Cliff Chiang proving why he’s the best bet for WW #1 this fall.

  10. @JohnVFerrigno  Maybe Stephanie Brown is a fan of Frank Miller’s books?

  11. @c0axmf  It’s Babs!

  12. Oh the drummers Babs… she’s the drummer because she can’t stand.. I get it. 


  13. When I click on Cliff Chiangs name I get sent to Jeremy Hauns website.

  14. @ResurrectionFlan  I stand corrected. No pun intended.

  15. What is this? The week of extra disturbing Jokers? Because those (along with the amazing Jock cover) are fuel for nightmares.

    And Cliff Chiang simply kicks ass.

  16. @CharlieBlix  Fixed.

  17. @josh: You rock.  Thanks.

  18. So many great sketches but I love a good Heath Houston. I can not wait for the last trade.

  19. Wow, this is one solid Sketch-Up!  So much awesome on one page!

  20. Who is the DC Rock girl in the back?

  21. @JNewcomb  Asked and answered already in the comments.

  22. I want that DC Rockers so badly!

  23. I love that Invincible image.  Good stuff.

  24. Brilliant stuff this week. Chiang and Hardman take the win for me (when do they not?), but Klein and Mitten are right behind ’em.

  25. My favorite piece this week is definitely that Captain America by Reilly Brown whom I was unfamiliar with until now.  Great stuff!

  26. This feautre might be the best thing you guys put out on a weekly basis. And I really don’t mean to slight the other awesome work y’all do.

  27. Best drawing of Mandarin ever.

  28. Dc Rock Girls! love!

  29. Gabriel Hardman, Ryan Ottley, and Rob Guillory are amazing!

  30. Guillory!

  31. Guillory – Punisher        awesome

  32. No one has mentioned this: Mandarin is a  dead ringer for Danny “Machete” Trejo.
    Also, the DC Rockgirls are freaking amazing. 

  33. I assumed the drummer was Batwoman, not Babs.