Weekly Sketch Up – 06.01.2012

Batman by Dave Johnson


Luck Dragon by João Carlos Vieira


Parker by Colleen Coover


“I know.” by Aaron Minier


The Corinthean by Tradd Moore


Doom Patrol by Andy MacDonald


Rachael from Blade Runner by Joëlle Jones


Lobster Johnson by Laurence Campbell


  1. Not a bad one in the bunch! Love these

  2. Love the Doom Patrol. Love the Lobster Johnson. Heck all of em are great!

  3. I miss Doom Patrol 🙁

  4. Did someone take a photo of that Batman shot? Why does it look so blurry and shit?

  5. So i take it Falcor is a luck dragon?

    • Falkor and Atreyu FTW!

    • You know his name but not that he’s a luck dragon? C’mon…

    • Seriously i had no idea.. so i take they actually called him a luck dragon in the movie? My memory isnt one of my strong suits.

    • so i take it… i meant to type.

    • Yeah, in Falcor’s opening scene, “I’m a luck dragon” is the line, I think. It was one of the movies I watched the shit out of as a kid, but haven’t seen in over a decade, so I could be wrong. Hell, I even read the whole damn book at one point. It was really good, but really long…

    • Ya its a great movie.. I especially liked the book reading scenes while bastion was hiding from the bullies. Ya know all covered up in the cold. Easy to place yourself there as a child. I watched it alot too.. that and ghostbusters.
      I think falcor could do with some valtrex for his back though.

  6. It’s too bad she won’t live! But then again, who does?

  7. Did anybody saw that Corinthian and think Dr.Horrible

  8. I love Andy MacDonald’s Doom Patrol. And if you go to his blog, he did an awesome job designing the X-Men.

  9. That Lobster Johnson needs to be a poster on my wall! Really like Doom Patrol and Rachel too.

  10. Hey! I’m interested in reading some Doom Patrol. Anyone suggest an easy story arc to pick up and understand?