Weekly Sketch Up – 05/28/2010

Sketches! They're like drawings that artists draw, but….well, that's exactly what they are.



Phoenix by Steve Ellis

Kilowog by Gabriel Hardman

The Thing, Flash, and a pug by Mike Norton

Rogue kitties by M.L. Hay

The Thing by Ramón Pérez


Boba Fett by Dan Hipp

Magik by Nic Klein


Captain America & FDR by Jim Rugg


  1. Man that Thing sketch by Perez is gorgeous. I want that on my wall this instant.

    also, is there anything cuter that Rogue kitties? doubtful

  2. Rogue kitties? Did somebody say "spin-off"?

  3. Jeez, another great batch. It’s like the pictures are literally out-awesomeing each other. "Rogue kittens! Unbeatable! No, wait, the Thing just looks way too cool! CAP AND FDR PUNCHING NAZIS!"

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Man, if I hadn’t just bought two sketches from Hardman recently…

  5. That Hardman sketch is awesome. I may have to pick that up

  6. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    This is a real strong bunch. Man, Hardman is good. The way he expresses the light of Kilowog’s ring by heavy shadow is fantastic.

    I’m not sure who Nic Klein is, but I would have guessed that Brian Bolland did that drawing if I hadn’t be told otherwise.

    That Boba Fett is top notch as well.

    But, if I’m playing favorites, Mike Norton wins the day. 😉 I love the detail on his Thing’s face and the pug is adorable.

  7. Tentacle rape hits the Star Wars universe…

    All great sketches – I’d love to see Rugg on a flashback Captain America one-shot.

  8. KITTENS!!!

  9. Rogue Kitties are already my desktop background! =D

  10. FDR punching the Red Skull!

  11. Once again incredible stuff from some of today’s best artists.

    Hipp’s Boba vs Sarlacc is awesome.  Beautiful postcard art.

    Perez’s Thing is just gorgeous in its simplicity.  Some times less is in fact more.

    And Klein (who is that chick, Magic or something like that with Excalibur or possibly X-Force or something?) did a sweet job on that crazy detailed sketch.

    But Hardman’s Kilowog (sp?) is the shit!  Love that strong use of black and white to imply light by simply not drawing.

  12. @ Genghis

    Magik, y’know, Colossus’s sister? She’s a New Mutant.

  13. I love Mike Norton’s. The dialog explains why.

  14. Lots of quirk this week. I gotta go with Hardman’s Kilowog. The Perez Thing and the Hipp Fett are very close seconds.

    Also, the look on kitty Mirror Master’s face is outstanding. 

  15. The Thing on the bench…awesome.

  16. Awesome.

  17. Yes, Yes, Yes!  Everything! 

  18. Seeing as how I own a cat named after a Rogue (Boomer), this is easily the single greatest epic win I have seen this week!

  19. Speaking of ol’ Mike Norton, if you haven’t done so already check out his site at ihatemike.com for some awesome Lost comic strips. All are good; three or four are laugh out loud funny. Spoiler-filled, yes, but cool as hell.

  20. There is some mix-up. I thought this was about the best sketches of the week.I was mistaken Because if it were, it would have definitely featured the new John Hughes/Superhero mash-up…by Cliff Chiang:



    BTW, I do not mean any disrespect for the artist fetured here, but the Chiang drawing is frickin’ fantastic. Also, it will be on sale at Heroescon. I wisih I could go to heroes con. 🙁

  21. oops, botched the link:


  22. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @muddi – I feel ya. Whole post about the Chiang piece from the Ronster on Wendesday.

  23. Did Perez do illustrations for Palladium Role Playing at one point? That style is awfully familiar, though if it’s the same guy it has gotten much cleaner. Great set of sketches all around.

  24. @Jeff Nic Klein was doing amazing work in that Viking comic Image was putting out, it’s been ages since a new issue has come out but it was beautiful while it was around.  He’s got LOTS of great stuff on his blog.

  25. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    @gobo – Thanks! I’ll be sure to keep an eye open for his stuff now.

  26. This article, and the Magik picture in particular poses a question:

    Is a commission a sketch?

    I love the picture but is it a sketch? 

  27. @g0ofnewt: Yes to both. “Sketch” is just a general term used for simplicity’s sake.

  28. @conor I read the blog entry and it was a piece done for fun so I more than agree with your statement. 

  29. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    We’re basically just spotlighting original art that isn’t being used for comic book covers or interiors. So there’s a mix of full-out commissions, con sketches, warm-ups, and just-for-fun pieces. 

  30. That Boba Fett design would make a great T-shirt.