Weekly Sketch Up – 05/14/2010

Art never stops. This is good, because otherwise, comic books would just be books.

Frazetta Tribute by Declan Shalvey

Frazetta Tribute by Tom Fowler

Lincoln Red Crow by Jeff Lemire

The Spirit by Gabriel Hardman


Iron Man by Francesco Francavilla.

Han Solo by Mike Norton

Contribute! If you see some gorgeous artwork out there, let us know! Keep an eye out!


  1. That pic of the Spirit looks smooth as hell, but I actually laughed out loud at Han Solo there.

  2. I hold almost Wayne’s World-esque reverence for Tom Fowler’s work.

  3. WOW to all of these.

  4. Love the fact that we got a Red Crow sketch!

    I would love to see Lemire pencil an issue, and would be curious to see how Aaron would craft a story to match his style.


  5. Love both Frazetta tributes. Especially the enormous Tiger in the Fowler image. But the Norton is my favorite. For me, any Solo is good Solo.

  6. Wow. I really loved all of these, especially The Spirit and Han Solo ones.

  7. Holy S@*$ Balls! Get Francesco Francavilla on an Iron Man book now! Right NOW!

  8. This is quickly turning into the Francesco Francavilla feature – not that there is a damn thing wrong with that.

  9. Wow, this is probably the best sketch up we’ve had.  That Iron Man is beyond words.

  10. Francavilla turns out so many good sketches in a week, it’s impossible not to include him. I literally try to avoid it, but those two Iron Man pieces were just so good that I couldn’t.

  11. This is the best group yet.  They’re all fantastic.

  12. Hey guys, if you have a chance, check out my art blog. You might like. http://davedrawscomics.com

    I try to put new stuff up there frequently. Thanks! -Dave

  13. Wow that Spirit sketch by Gabriel Hardman is really striking. It reminds me of Sean Phillips a bit. I wonder what work Gabriel Hardman has done?

  14. Thanks for the kind words about my Spirit sketch. SpiderTitan, I’m currently drawing the new ATLAS series from Marvel. Issue #1 ships this coming week. I also drew Avengers vs. Agents of Atlas, various issues of the last AoA series and my creator owned OGN Heathentown from Image/Shadowline. Thanks! GH

  15. Francavilla makes that Iron Man suit look really menacing and creepy, rather than just a odd bucket of bolts.

  16. Yep those Iron Man sketches are hotness. All of these are, really.

  17. I think Lemire’s Golden Age Sandman was the best thing I’ve seen

  18. That second Iron Man sketch rocks!

  19. Francavilla continues to be putting out my favorite sketches. Everything I’ve seen of his is absolutly astounding.

  20. The Iron Man pieces are telling a story.  There will apparently be a third piece.

  21. Francavilla’s stuff is fantastic with its color pallet, but Hardman’s bare black and white sketch is quite compelling.

    As always, nice work from some of the best in the biz.  I’m just a sucker for good artwork.  I’ve bought countless comics just for the art alone and I imagine I’m not the first (or last) person to do so. 

  22. All great but those Iron Man pieces are freaking sick!

  23. This has become my favorite section of the website. Artists making art, without the interference of those pesky words from those glory hogging writers. ok the norton sketch has words, but only four, and two of them are profanity.