Weekly Sketch Up – 05/07/2010

Without the art you've just got plain ol' boring words, and honestly, who wants that?

The Hulk by Brian Denham


Gorgon by Yildiray Cinar (from @charlesp1138)

Batgirl by Dan Hipps (from @Kahunablair)

Bat family by Eric Canete


Hellboy by Francesco Francavilla


Afrodisiac and Spider-Man by Jim Rugg (from @Kahunablair)


  1. That Batgirl piece looks very Mignola. I like it.

  2. Spider-Desiac is a book I would fully endorse.

  3. If Rugg sold prints, I’d buy that and frame it in a heartbeat.

  4. I love Brian Denham’s Hulk, its so silly & cartoon like but it fits so well with the Hulk as a character. I think I like it more than Ed McGuiness’ Hulk? Maybe? The Hellboy sketch by Francesco Francavilla is really moody, too. You could feel its darkness & its really detailed I wonder how long it took him to draw this sketch he shpuld do a Hellboy mini someday.

  5. I went to Dan Hipps blog and that dude is amazing.

  6. Denham’s Hulk and Francavilla’s Hellboy are great. This is a really nice collection this week. 

  7. There is not one of those pieces that is not awesome. Fantastic round-up. That Canete… wow. And that’s a hilarious and awesome Hulk!

  8. Francavilla knocks it out of the park everytime.  Spidey and Afrodisiac is a comic that HAS to happen at some point.

  9. I need that Rugg sketch as a shirt.

  10. Awesome choices, Josh!

     Cinar is killing it with these weekly sketches he’s been doing. He did a Parallax a while back that was fantastic. 

  11. Yeah, that Francavilla is amazing, keeping enough of Mignola’s signature style to not distract, while still putting some amazing detail in a truly amazing layout.  Kudos, FF.

     And while I wasn’t familiar with Rugg’s work before the crew’s fervent accolades, I’m quickly becoming a fan.  Beautiful old school sensibility with a healthy dose of humor.  Nice one, Jimbo.


    And don’t even get me started on Canete’s stuff.  The man’s a revelation. 

  12. All good stuff. I dig the Canete, but the Francavilla takes the win for me. That shit is downright haunting.

  13. Very Mignola-esque Batgirl. Rugg should so a Spider-man story. Francevilla should do Hellboy covers if Mignola gets sick of it.

  14. aha! a bat-family piece that includes azrael! WIN!

  15. I love Canete’s stuff

  16. Whoa.  If that Hellboy picture isn’t from a story they should write one about it.