Weekly Sketch Up – 05.31.2013


Iron Man vs. Mirror Kirk and Spock by Andy Hunter



Logan by Mahmud Asrar


JimihendrixJimi Hendrix by Ryan Kelly


dark phoenix_dustinweaver

Dark Phoenix by Dustin Weaver



Daredevil by Yildiray Cinar



Venom by Mitch Gerads



  1. Hendrix has fashion sense similar to Kraven th Hunter lol.

    Really like Dark Phoenix and Datedevil!

  2. WOW. What a week for Sketch Ups. All are astounding. Venom- under rated chracter and book in my opinion. Dark Phoenix is amazing. Daredevil looks so dark and awesome. And the Ironman vs Star Trek made me lol (really lol).


  4. Awesome sketch up this week! This is what sets ifanboy apart from other sites. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  5. Weekly’s Ketchup. That Cinar is a hot dog.

  6. Daredevil surely likes skipping rope, doesn’t he?

  7. That Flash Thompson Venom is awesome!!! Venom is as spaceghost15 said, a very underrated book. I don’t know about underrated character cause people have generally always been very responsive to Venom overall unless he’s only referring to the current series which isn’t our traditional Venom but a good, fresh take on the character that doesn’t in any way dispense the original or any of its history. This current series is over-looked and under rated. Surprisingly too with Remender and Tony Moore starting the run with a beautiful 1st standard cover by Quesada into all really cool work on interiors & covers from Tony Moore,Medina & Fowler in the beginning, up to Miki, Silas and Cullen Bunn taking over writing with covers from Declan Shavely …one of my favorites, wish he was on interiors too & also a regular here at Weekly Sketch Up, Fowler too.