Weekly Sketch Up – 05.18.2012

Beast by Andy MacDonald


Maurice Sendak tribute by Skottie Young


Spaceman Spiff by João Carlos Vieira


Fin Fang Foom vs. Godzilla by Gabriel Hardman


Captain Marvel by Kris Anka


Etrigan and Hellboy by Dave Wachter


Invincible by David LaFuente


Jaws by Francesco Francavilla


Trapjaw by Jerome Opeña


  1. I really wish that a well written/drawn He-Man series would come out. I’d buy the shit out of that.

  2. Francavilla’s Jaws poster is the best thing the internet will show me today.

  3. I’m getting choked up by that Skottie Young Maurice Sendak tribute.

  4. that Francavilla Jaws is so rad! For my money he’s the best illustrator working in comics right now.

  5. What a great batch. The Jaws one and the Trapjaw one are both stellar. I have to point out how good the Ms. Marvel one is too. She’s a classy dame and doesn’t rely on big boobs or major wedgie to look sexy. Kudos.

  6. Spaceman Spiff – The Original Fear Agent?

    • I miss everything about Calvin and Hobbes so damn much.

    • Damn you and your hermit ways Bill Watterson!

    • It’s better this way. It’s a perfect thing that exists, and nothing will ever be done to tarnish that.

    • My only regret was getting rid of all the C&H collections I had years and years ago… ah well…

    • I have the complete HC collection, which is the heaviest thing I own, and the best.

    • @Josh That Calvin and Hobbes complete hardcover brings me so much joy. Not only d I own every one of my favorite comic strip ever, if there is ever a home invasion, it’s big and heavy enough to stun a burgler.

    • I’m surprised we haven’t seen BOOM! try and get their hands on Calvin and Hobbes rights….

      I know Watterson has his say but everyone has a price.

    • @TheNextChampion I don’t know that everyone has their price, just ask Allen Moore. In terms of Watterson, he has been vehemently against any kind of licensing or continuation of Calvin and Hobbes. I gripe about no new strips but it is for the best as Watterson feels all the Calvin and Hobbes stories have been told. Hard to argue with.

    • Not to mention that organizations with way, way, way way, WAY, WAAAAAAY more resources than BOOM! Studios have tried and failed to get Watterson to license Calvin & Hobbes.

    • @andrew, tnc, conor and others–with all the conversations about creator rights, this is the one that kinda gets forgotten about…the right to NOT publish.

      If an artist feels that work needs to rest or retire, i’m glad some like Watterson have that control over their work.

    • My college students had no idea who Calvin & Hobbes are. But they DID recognize the (non-licensed) image of the little blonde kid with the striped red shirt peeing on everything.

      I paid my entire H&C collection to my nephew a few years back. Great move.

  7. Hav to admit i luv mrs marvel, want skottie’s, need that jawtrap, amd would kill 4 Jaws.

  8. Kris Anka is now on my radar for new artistic talent (new to me at least)…what a great sketch!

  9. Love the Spaceman Spiff sketch! Looks AWESOME.

  10. What is that Invincible piece implying?

  11. Am I the only one disturbed that Beast is wearing shoes… I am aren’t I?

  12. all great pieces as usual, this feature is one of the things I look forward the most on Fridays (which says something about my social life, I guess)

  13. They’re definitely gonna need a bigger boat.

    Great stuff as always. Anka’s Captain Marvel is my favorite. Nothing like a tasteful butt shot. Francavilla never lets me down. MacDonald’s Beast is simple but something about it really appeals to me. Hellboy and Etrigan? Can we make that happen ASAP? Please?

    Foom and Godzilla looks less like a fight and more like they’re arguing over directions.

    Zilla: “We’re gonna be late! I knew I should’ve gotten the directions.”
    Foom: “Will you relax?! Starro said once we came out of the subway it’s three short blocks up, and two long blocks over. Maybe it’s two longs blocks up and three – ”
    Zilla: “Don’t tell me to relax! Christ, I hate the East Side.”

  14. I would be so pumped if anyone drew Beast like that in a regular X-Book. That is a terrific interpretation.

  15. Where the Wild Things Are always freaked me out as a kid.

  16. Maurice Sendak tribute by Skottie Young… perfect.

  17. These are all pretty great, think my two favs are the Jaws and Trapjaw sketches. The Beast picture is cool, but its kind of weirding me out to see him drawn that way.

  18. A He-man gn by Remender and opena… wow what an awesome idea!

  19. I discoverd today the work of kris Anka thanks to you

    I was amazed at : http://anklesnsocks.blogspot.com.es/2012/04/captain-america-animated.html

    It would be wonderful to see that animtion. That man is a pencil master : http://designlesson.blogspot.com.es/


    • Wow, this is what Marvel animation is missing. Solid, well thought out character design with unique personality. Usually their animation design seems so generic.

  20. Omg! This is one of my favorite sketch ups yet, that Opena Trapjaw is sick!!! I love Etrigan and Hellboy and a story with them would be awesome, the Shepard Fairey style Jaws by Francavilla, Invincible looks perfect with the almost foreign font, Fing Fang Foom vs Godzilla is something I’m surprised I haven’t seen before and think I’m gonna love Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel. I love Elseworlds stories and Etrigan w Hellboy would make a good one, through in The Spectre or Dr Fate, maybe John Constantine or Lobster Johnson….like when Alan Moore used Dr Fate, Deadman, The Spectre, Etrigan,and Constantine all in his seminal run on Swamp Thing, and it worked.

  21. *throw not through

  22. Who better for a Maurice Sendak tribute than Skottie Young too and love casual fridays Beast.

  23. Faves: Trapjaw and Jaws. (pattern?). I really dig Hardman’s art on the Planet of The Apes “Betrayal” and “Exile” series (both are great BTW).

    The Anka pic is really beautifully composed and the linework is sophisticated (not withstanding the tastefull butt shot).

  24. I would SO like to see a Demon/Hellboy book *brain explodes*

  25. Who knew Trapjaw aas so bad ass?

    Also, the Spaceman Spiff sketch made my already awesome day into an epic awesome one!