Weekly Sketch Up – 04/16/2010

Con season is starting to reap rewards, and now you may behold them!

The Thing by Mike Norton

Hawkman by Chris Samnee


Supergirl by Ryan Kelly


Speedball by Skottie Young


Jonny Quest by Francesco Francavilla

Beta Ray Bill by Chuck BB


The Avengers by Eric Canete


We need your help!  Throughout the week, as you see great sketches, send us the links via Twitter to @iFanboy.  We'll link your Twitter account, and the blog of the artist.


  1. Wow. That Avengers picture is epic and amazing. Namor seems a bit out of place though, even if he was a member for a bit.

  2. I want to purchase that Eric Canete art. It looks Mighty

  3. Avengers sketch = WANT! I like the Supergirl as well, but she looks more mature than Supergirl. Superwoman, however… And Mr. Norton, anytime you want to leave DC you can draw FF at Marvel as much as you want – Thing is AWESOME.

  4. Can someone explain "speedball"?

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Good lord, that Avengers image needs to be a poster on the bedroom door of every kid in America. Incredible!

    And I love EVERYTHING about that Johnny Quest image. Flawless.  

  6. Absolutly love the Johnny Quest sketch, Francavilla did outstanding on that.

  7. Check out the story of the Canete piece.  Finished it on a con show floor. You can buy those prints at C2E2.

  8. That Supergirl picture is gorgeous.

  9. Francesco Francavilla is a name I keep hearing more and more of…I can clearly see why…

  10. That Canete sketch is incredible, I want it on my wall.

  11. HOLY CRAP!!!   Canete for the WIN!

  12. The Johnny Quest, Hawkman and Supergirl are brilliant!!!

  13. Some really good sketches here. Love that Hawkman and Speedball.

  14. Oh yeah.  Canete’s artwork is the stuff.  Absolutely enthralling.  Excuse me, I think I have something in my eye…

  15. Ryan Kelly should be drawing for Supergirl!!! That is one beautiful sketch!!!

  16. loved norton’s thing, speedball(seriously, skottie young is da man!^^), jonny quest is really cool, but nothing beats that avengers pic. hoooooly crap! freaking awesome.

  17. Reall diggin that Chuck BB, Beta Ray Bill.   GIVE ME ANOTHER VOLUME OF BLACK METAL…please?

  18. That Avengers sketh must be made into a print and framed and hung on my wall.  Eric Canete is the man!

  19. Eh I am not liking that Avengers sketch. Sorry just not a fan of Canete or his style. His Iron Man is good but Thor, Hawkeye, and Hulk….Not good to the eyes.

    Chuck BB’s Beta Ray Bill design though is the bee’s knees. 

  20. Skottie Young is such an awesome artist.

  21. @Trichon – The Avengers piece is a print, available now at C2E2. I mean, you could probably get it if you tried hard enough.

  22. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I asked Ron to stop at nothing to try and get me one of those Canete prints. 

    Now, if he ends up having to murder somebody and this is public record…would I be up for…murder two?

    I need to watch a relevant episode of Law & Order to see what I’m potentially in for.  

    Would I be able to hang the print in my cell? They probably don’t allow Rita Hayworth or Raquel Welch posters anymore, but maybe the Avengers are okay?  

  23. is there any way to get that print in case i’m too far away to go to c2e2? like "too far away germany"? and would the pricing be sort of reasonable?

  24. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Kenzaburo – Might want to drop Canete an email and see if he has an international shipping policy. Could be a convention-only piece, but it’s worth asking. 

  25. Francessco Francavilla is the MAN!  How is this guy not drawing something for the First Wave line at DC?

  26. that avengers art is awesome!  I loved canete’s work on The End League.  Is he working on any books regularly right now?

  27. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @jwaesch – He’s doing the Luke Cage mini with John Arcudi. First one came out last week. 

  28. thanks paul, will try.

  29. Why have I not heard of Francesco Francavilla until now? Wow. All of the art this week is awesome.

  30. I met Francessco at Emerald City Comicon and he was fantastic.  His Balck Beetle webcomic must be read by all.   At ECCC I got a sketch from him on the back inside cover of Black Beetle #0 that is freaking cool.

  31. That Avengers piece proves why Eric Canete is one of my favorite artists.  Hopefully, someone at Marvel took note and will officially put him on an ongoing title. 

    Also, that Supergirl by Ryan Kelly is absolutely gorgeous.  She looks like a girl that you’d take home to mom and dad after she kicked the crap out of Metallo.

  32. All of these are good, but Kelly’s Supergirl made me stop and really look at the detail. Check out the double-pronged belt!

  33. Wow the antie was raised those sketches were remarkably bad ass the Avengers, Scottie Young and  Francesco Francavilla were awesome. I dont really follow Francesco but Im gonna look into him.  What else has FF done?


  34. The Quest is just sweet. the pale blue and shadow is just wow

  35. I want that Avengers picture hanging over my fireplace(If I had a fireplace)

  36. I just really feel like trying to convince DC to having Ryan Kelly as a regular Supergirl artist. Just imagine the possibilities of that creative team Sterling Gates & Ryan Kelly it would be like a realistic Supergirl thats respectable, kick-ass, and dignifying to the character.

  37. Yes.  I love this column.

  38. Wow so much amazing art on this column this week and can we all agree that Francisco Francavilla needs to get on some more books soon. His stuff is everything I want on a comic book. Why isn’t he drawing one of the pulp characters that DC is putting out?

    I am also a big Canete, Norton and Young fan and they didn’t dissapoint either.

  39. HOLY SHIT!!! Eric Canete? i’ve never heard of him. But now I wish I had an artbook of his with work liek THAT in it.