Weekly Sketch Up – 04.22.2011

Batman by Dustin Nguyen


Deathlok by Tony Moore



Fantastic Mr. Fox by Tom Fowler



Harley Quinn by Mahmud Asrar



Red Sonja by Eric Canete



Doctor Midnite by Nic Klein



The Spirit and P'Gell by Chris Samnee



Longshot by Todd Nauck



Gorilla-Man by Doc Shaner



Wolverine by Christopher Mitten



Frog Thor by Kevin Mellon


  1. Dustin Nguyen has become one of the best, and most underrated, artists working today.  I swear this feature is one of the highlights of my week and produces stunning artwork, but if you told me my favorite would be Thor Frog, yeah, that would have surprised me lol.

  2. Samnee is an inking magician.

  3. @ TomE Agreed. He should be doing The Spirit officially he is so noir!

  4. If Canete was drawing Red Sonja, I’d buy that book without hesitation.

  5. I might get back on The Spirit if Samnee was drawing it.

    Ditto Canete, Red Sonja.

  6. Love that Nic Klein piece. Reminds me of what the old art trading cards aspired to.

  7. Wow.  Some really amazing pieces in there.

  8. anything with frog thor is okay in my books!

  9. love that Spirit, Samnee is amazing.

  10. The foxtail necktie put joy back in my dismal, thunderstorm ruined ‘good Friday’.

  11. I love the Fantastic Mr. Fox sketch.  Good stuff.

  12. Loving the Fantastic Mr. Fox sketch, there needs to be more Roald Dahl art.

  13. first time i’ve ever seen dr. midnite, think he should sue tim drake?

  14. The Weekly sketch-up is quickly becoming my favorite recurring feature on this site. Every single week we get a slew of top-notch sketches!

  15. While I don’t know if Dustin Nguyen’s style would suit a monthly book (I won’t bash it until I’ve tried it though) his cover work’s are just gorgeous.
    Following your link to his deviant art page, I realised he’s drawn some of my favourite recent covers, like the past (and future) few Batgirl covers (the sheer speed he’s captured in Batgirl 20’s cover…. just wow), and the Superman 80 Page Giant, his water colours are just ridiculously pretty.

  16. Dustin can draw batman for the rest of time imo

  17. Nauck is pure fun