Weekly Sketch Up – 03/26/10

Sketches are piling up, and we've got a wealth of riches today! Let's take a look at some of the best out there this week!




Batman and John Constantine by Sean Phillips. I'd so want this sketched in my book, so this could be poster bias.


Jack Staff by Matthew Dow Smith.


Galactus and Silver Surfer by Jeff Lemire. From @Just_Charlene




Rocket Raccoon and Groot by Dave Wachter. From @dbm00




Wonder Woman by Coran "Kizer" Stone. From @kahunablair




Adam Strange by Yildiray Cinar.



New Krypton by Pete Woods.


We need your help!  Throughout the week, as you see great sketches, send us the links via Twitter to @iFanboy.  We'll link your Twitter account, and the blog of the artist.


  1. That Sean Philips’ sketch. Whoa…

  2. Love the Adam Strange!

  3. I AM GROOT!

  4. That Adam Strange is bad ass.

  5. That SketchUp model is a thing of beauty! Woods did a great write-up on changing his style a while back that is really a good read if you’re interested in artist’s "evolving" their look.


    Love Cinar’s take on Adam Strange.


  6. Wicked WW! Love that look!

  7. Someone get me Karen Berger’s number so I can demand Vertigo collect all the Hellblazer issues that Sean Phillips illustrated.

  8. Going to close my eyes and imagine a Batman mini series written by Ed Brubaker and illustrated by Sean Phillips. Don’t disturb me while I dream.

  9. I was just sitting around last night musing how I would love to have a Jeff Lamiere Thanos commision. That Galactus is Awesome!

  10. That Wachter piece is pretty badass

  11. @Ron Wow! I never even considered the classical inferences of texture to the sketch! Excellent analysis

  12. Love this feature.  

    About New Krypton: I never noticed this before, so I’m probably late to the party, but why does a city where everyone can fly at super-sonic speeds need a monorail?  It looks pretty, but doesn’t seem like it would get used, ever.  I’d hate to be the driver, tooling around all day in an empty train whose top speed feels like a crawl.  Poor Labor Guild schumck.

  13. @Quinn: I assume the monorail was in Kandor where the people didn’t always have super powers. That was one of the major plot points in the beginning of this epic Superman story: all of these people suddenly getting superpowers and having to figure out how to use them.

  14. Jeff, as soon as I saw that I thought of the kids bedroom in Essex County vol1. That could have been a poster.

  15. I didn’t think I would want Lemire to do a Galactus story…..Now I do.

  16. That Adam Strange is AMAZING.

    I love this new feature. Thanks, iFanboys.

  17. Wonder Woman is amazing. But Sean Phillips + Batman + Constantine = Win

  18. Sean Phillips sketch and Dave Wachter sketch = WOW.

  19. The Sean Phillips and Adam Strange sketches were awesome.

    That New Krypton video is crazy ridiculous.  It makes you appreciate Pete Woods even more. 

  20. The Wonder Woman sketch is amazing.

  21. Adam Strange has quickly jumped up the list as one of my favorite characters.


    And great Wonder Woman Kahuna Blair!

  22. i got a wachter this weekend as well, great stuff!

  23. Yldiray Cinar is one of my new favorite artists.  I follow him on Twitter just to see the sketches he posts.  I can’t wait to see his run on the Legion

  24. Oh my god, all of these sketches are mint!!!!!

    Living in the UK ive never been to a con but heres another reason, I thought I’d want to go to the panels but seriously the art here makes me think I would just camp and hole up in artists alley. If I have to pick a fave its going to be Groot and RR just becuase of my love for those characters.