Weekly Sketch Up – 03.25.2011

The White Queen by Dan McDaid


Rocketeer by Doc Shaner



Frankenstein by Jeff Lemire


Lois Lane by Joe Quinones



Nova and Annihilus by Dave Wachter




Catwoman by Kevin Mellon


Galactus by Cliff Chiang



Black Cat by Gabriel Hardman



Batgirl by Phil Noto



Adam Strange by Eric Canete


  1. That Batgirl image is amazing and funny.

  2. my mouth dropped with every new sketch. I wish I had this talent! Favorite is the Cliff Chaing Galactus and Silver Surfer, made me think of Kirby.

  3. Love that Adam Strange.  The perspective is great!

  4. Is that the Chang Galactus that got tattooed at C2E2? AWESOME

  5. @gobo  THAT’S where I saw it!

  6. Love Mellon’s Catwoman.  Her posture, the head tilt, the fact that she’s on the roof, overlooking the city, all adds up to a very emotive piece.

  7. There is more emotion and story telling in that Catwoman panel – than I have seen in a comic in a long time.

  8. I LOVE that Catwoman!

  9. You know, now I want to see Lemire draw Frankenstein for that mini. Or just do a Frankenstein adaptation in general.

  10. Did anybody see Shaner’s really awesome Plastic Man sketch he did for comictwart? I think that is this week.

  11. I love that Catwoman. The perspective is unique and the city feels like its as much of the picture as she is.

  12. Dammit, DC ! Publish a Lois Lane series, already. Preferably with rotating creators.

  13. wow that Batgirl is incredible!!!

  14. Batgirl its a great sketch that seems to be telling its own little story.