Weekly Sketch Up – 01.11.2013


Superman by Riley Rossmo



Adventure Time by Alex Robinson



Iron Man by Paolo Rivera



The Hulk by David Marquez


How to Train Your Dragon by Tom Fowler



The Doctor and Rose by Sara Richard



Chamber by Skottie Young



Batman and Poison Ivy by Mahmud Asrar



Aquaman by Daniel Govar


  1. VERY strong group this week, I definitely missed this feature during the hiatus. It’s nice to see Sara Richard featured here, I’ve seen her at a few cons and her work has a really distinctive and really cool look to it.

  2. Regular Adventure Time is already post-apocalyptic.

  3. That is a shiny Aquaman. I mean that in both the Firefly and non-Firefly sense.

  4. Oh Rivera, you never cease to be awesome.

  5. I like the use of watercolor on that Batman-Ivy by Mahmud Asrar. What else does the artist do, I wonder…

  6. These are wonderful. I agree, that watercolor Batman and Ivy is mesmerizing.

  7. Wow, that is one great Iron Man!

  8. NO! Don’t fall off the wagon again Tony! Nice SuperMan, very solid and heavy. You can just feel the weight!

  9. i like what tom did but i never thought of toothless as furry.

  10. I was psyched to see Rossmo here. His work is always outstanding.

  11. Tom Fowlers Colouring is fantastic. First work i’ve seen from Sarah…Wow!

  12. Is Poison Ivy trying to hold her boob down?

  13. These are all great, as usual. Phil Noto fans need to search for his recent portrait of David Bowie. It’s is amazing!

  14. Wow, some really great ones this week. My favorite is the Poison Ivy/Batman, with the Tony Stark in the #2 slot. Shiny Aquaman is pretty good too. I don’t recall ever seeing Rossmo draw a mainstream superhero before, and I like it.

  15. I’ve never seen any of Sara Richard’s work before but she has just gained a new fan.

    Also, I’ve decided that Shiny Aquaman is the only Aquaman I care to see.

  16. Wow. Great week.

    I like how Marquez draws the eyes, nose, and ears on his Hulk proportionately. Like when Banner hulks out, his facial features stay the same and his body just swells. Cool idea, if that’s what he was going for.

    Govar’s Aquaman is beautiful. The choice to put him in a cave to accent the shine is a nice touch.

    Asrar wins again for me. Bruce’s reluctance is so obvious through his body language. Brilliant.

  17. That Doctor Who sketch is outstanding, even if it does feature Rose Tyler.

  18. Aquaman’s trident by Govar is way better than the one he’s sporting in the DCU right now.