We Stand With Boston


I can still remember September 11 very viscerally. I probably always will. Besides all of the usual reasons for remembering that day, I remember that we still had a website to put out and I was just glad that I didn’t have the Pick of the Week. Anyway, if you have a website as well and you want to improve its ranking and interface, go to autopilotseo.co.uk. The SEO on auto pilot gives outstanding results.Josh did an admirable job of writing a review when no one really had it in them to do so, and it reminds us that even though the real world can intrude on our weekly outings into fantasy in some of the most horrific ways imaginable, it’s sometimes good to have distractions, if only to keep from crying.

We hope that everyone in the Boston iFanbase, their friends and their families, are safe. Everyone here at iFanboy, especially those who are based out of New England, have Boston in their thoughts.


  1. I hope everyone in Boston, whether they go on this site or not, are safe right now. My condolences to the families who lost anyone today and for a speedy recovery of those who are injured.

  2. just left finish line 20 min before attack with 13 year old daughter and pregnant wife. Cant believe this happened. First known death was 8 year old boy. Cant even imagine the pain off all the families directly involved.

  3. This world really has gone to pot.

    • This is just about the safest least violent time in human history (fact). Try hanging out with some vikings .. see how you like that… ha… human beings (in general) have always sucked and always will. Give me a loyal dog or a fictional hero any day of the week.

    • If anything I hope that tragedies like this help us to remember that in many parts of the world, these kinds of things are a fact of life. The fact that this kind of event shocks us really shows us how safe we truly are comparatively.

  4. We stand with you, Boston. Be strong.

  5. This was a horrible day for the news. I live in DFW (obviously) and this afternoon a pregnant woman was shot, resulting in her death and her baby while the suspect led Dallas police on a car chase and shot an officer.

    The bombing in Boston is just as terrible with the hundred plus runners that have been impacted, and the three that lost their lives for no reason at all. Theres just no words. Just anger and sadness.

    …On a slightly lighter note, its interesting to read some of those early POTW columns and see that the readers would complain about the pick over 10 years ago. Some things never change/

  6. A disgusting act with devastating consequences. My thoughts are with the families & friends of the poor souls caught up in this tragedy.

  7. I work in journalism and had to cover this all day, including seeing a lot of less distributed photos that were even more graphic than some of the more widely spread ones. I’m glad that iFanboy can always be a place of hope and optimism. (Except when it comes to DC editorial.)

  8. Well said.

  9. I live in Montreal, where we don’t have guns, where bombinbs almost never occur but I must say I’m truly sad for the people of Boston and you, Americans, for living in fear. Fear of the next shooting in a school, fear of the next bombing or terrorist act… Such horrible tragedies shouldn’t happen, period! The world is escalating in violence day by day, villains (for the people who act this way are evil in my eyes) are ever present and we lack heroes to stop them… I wish we could turn on the news and instead of seeing violence all around the globe, we could hear about how it was all averted. Call me an optimist, but I hope things will get for the better eventually. It must!

    For the people of Boston, stay strong and for my fellow Quebeccers who were at the marathon, I hope you’re all alright!

    • I’m from Boston, last time I was in Montreal the just-elected official had her victory party firebombed while her posters were defaced by Hitler mustaches next to blown out store windows from le printemps erable. I also remember the sad day I visited beautiful peaceful Oslo and saw what a madman had done there. I very much share your wishes for a peaceful world, we all need it, not just Americans.

  10. My thoughts go out to you all from all the way over here in far away Denmark. I hope you are all safe!

  11. As a long time member of the iFanbase, and proud Bostonian thank you for posting this!

  12. Thank you for posting this. As a former Bostonian, Patriots/Marathon day is a a great moment every spring that’s all about family, friends, community and sport. I’ve been down in those crowds many times and I can only imagine what it must have been like yesterday. Lots to think about.

    We’ll get through it and come back stronger!

  13. Thanks guys

  14. Yes, everyone from Boston feels and appreciates the love and wishes from all over the US and the world. In the face of this despicable act, so many acts of kindness and sympathy are all the more impressive and renew all our faiths in our fellow man.

  15. From the Big Apple,know that we stand with you at this painfull time.
    My faith in humanity is strengthened by the fact that the good people in this world will ALWAYS out number the bad

  16. Suspect #2 CAPTURED ALIVE! Go Boston!!