Watchmen Cocktails!

I’ve seen Watchmen twice so far, and boy do I need a drink. Good thing our friends over at Isotope: The Comics Lounge have posted the definitive list of Watchmen themed cocktails. I can’t decide which one I like more, Black Freighter or the New Frontiersman, but it doesn’t matter because I’ll most likely be ordering a Full Frontal Manhattan!

If you’re over 21, drink up!


  1. I have never wanted a fake id more in my life.


    Wow, thats sad 

  2. Darn I’m the right age I just don’t have any of that stuff.

  3. My taste buds dance with anticipation of trying one of these beverages.

  4. Awesome! Just like the comic and the movie, I think the Silk Spectre would probably be my favorite. But I’ll have to try a Black Frieghter too just to be sure.

    Is this for an upcoming party or something? If so then I’m going to have to clear my schedule!

  5. Interesting choices. It seems that the Isotope staff favors clear liquor (gin, vodka) rather than brown whiskey. Substitute whiskey for gin, and the New Frontiersman becomes a manhattan (almost). The Blue Manhattan drink is much more martini than manhattan.

    Still, congratulations to the Isotope mixers for presenting real sipping cocktails that fit thematically.

    I would love to see Watchmen at a bar/dinner theater screening, much like my beloved Reel Pizza in Bar Harbor, which I miss terribly.

  6. God I love being 21.

  7. The Isotope staff favors our brown liquors neat with a water back.

  8. I went out and got all the ingredients for Black Freighters.

  9. well, similar ingredients.

  10. Yikes.

    The only thing worth drinking on that list is The Comedian. 

    And it seems obvious to me that a Rorschach would just be a black and tan. 🙂

  11. dude, I just love getting off tits

    here’s my suggestions:

    The Dave Gibbons: nine equal parts of anything.

    The Alan Moore: straight absinthe

    The Ozymandias: it’s just a glass of aged expensive wine served 35 before you guest arrive.

  12. Ok, test run completed. It’s 130 here right now which means in a half hour it will be 300 (goddamn dst). The black freighters are VERY good. Beware though, they are a little strong…

  13. Why is Doctor Manhatten’s Full Frontal served in a Tallboy glass and mine is served in a shot glass?

  14. @bean lots of ice maybe?    The Comedian is damn good as is the Silk Spectre

  15. I imagine Nite Owl’s drink to just be a beer. What kind? Not sure. But a beer.

    And since Rorschach is against all things bad, I would think his drink would be a virgin daquiri or maybe some fruite punch.

  16. oh yes i love the comedian!! so great.

  17. this is awesome.  for some reason, I am drawn to the Silk Spectre, but perhaps it’s because it just looks like a White Russian.  Comedian sounds perfect– I have my pin, all I need is the Yukon Jack…

     @cman12 — tell us how it is!