WANT! – 11/03/2010

(American) Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Doesn't it make sense to stockpile some new material possessions for which to be grateful? Don't think about it. Just pull out your credit card. 

How's about a custom wall tentacle? Much more compelling than a Coca Cola clock or an elk's head, these vibrant octopus arms are fabricated to your specifications by a strange Connecticut man (known as ArtAkimbo on Etsy) over a six week period. Then you put it in your study or bathroom or whatever and you feel like Jules Verne on laudanum. $1000 with shipping. 

You remember Scott Pilgrim. Of course you do. If you can wait until May, you can relive the final moments of the film and comics with this pair of 6" action figures from the wonderful people at Mezco (not to be confused with the island nation of Mexico). This is another great find from our pal The Blot, who's getting married this week. Yay, The Blot! These would look terrific on top of a cake actually… $23.95 for the two. 


This is a Skeleton Head bust prototype from a company called Bigshot Toyworks. Instantly recognizable as a Mike Mignola design. Instantly recognizable as downright beautiful. It's supposedly available this winter. I want it. I want it badly. 


  1. I also want this Skeleton head, it would look perfect on my desk!

  2. Can I want all three of these?

  3. Thanks for the shout out Paul!

    I was actually pushing to make one of those custom wall tentacles our cake topper, but the fiancée quickly put the kibosh on that idea 🙂

  4. I’d love to cover my office walls with those wall tentacles, but $1000 a pop is a bit much.  I wonder if I can convince to University to spend some stimulus money on them???  They are certainly stimulating.

  5. Amazing, just amazing.  I have now abandoned my dream office design of a turn of the century french farm house during a zombie apocalypse in favor of a pre-riot Rapture during an octopus attack design.

  6. That tentacle is certainly a conversation starter.

  7. For $1000, that tentacle better try to grab people as they walk by…

  8. girl: wow, is a that tentacle on your wall?

    guy: yes, i’m a big fan of tentacles. have you seen my anime DVD collection?

    door: SLAM!