WANT! – 10/06/2010

This one goes out to all the ladies who store sweaters and jeans in the oven when it's not being used to keep the take-out warm. 



This Iron Man 2 Mark V briefcase replica does not transform into armor, but sometimes all you need is the mere suggestion, the possibility of armor, to keep your business rivals in check during those tense financial negotiations. Or you could keep comics and pudding cups in it.  $459.99


Halloween can be hard. For some it means weeks or months of concept sketches, sewing, and blacksmithery toward the ultimate goal of out and out deception and flamboyance. For others, Halloween is just a means towards Mike & Ikes and Hundred Thousand Dollar bars. Still others are college undergrads just looking for an excuse to talk to that girl from Russian Literature 203. You know, with the hair. The costume is an after thought. Instead of ruining your bed linens for a ghost getup, consider joining the many, the proud, the Green Lantern corps by donning this GL costume hoodie with drop-down domino mask. $45. 


It was only recently when I discovered marshmallows are not a naturally occurring phenomenon on our strange earth. If mushrooms can grow on trees and in excrement, surely, I assumed, marshmallows grew in bunny warrens and in southern marshes. But apparently these puffy delights are borne not of nature, but of confectionary nurture in vats and in factories. Given this revelation, it's not so huge a leap to imagine advancements in the realm of marshmallow engineering. Someone has developed caffeinated marshmallow treats with which to spike your hot cocoa or to serve as the mortar for nitro S'mores. Stay perky. Stay conscious. Stay Puft. $20. 



  1. CAFFEINATED MARSHMALLOWS! (no clue why I’m yelling, but it somehow seemed appropriate given that they are CAFFEINATED!)

  2. With the "right" haircut and some oversized boots, a person could totally pull off a Guy Gardner with that hoodie.

  3. This is a rare moment where I "WANT" everything in the article.

  4. We used to roast Stay Puft marshmallows by the fire at Camp Waconda.

  5. That hoodie would be perfect to rob some banks with…….just saying.

  6. I want that briefcase so bad it’s not funny.

  7. Yeah i want that breifcase to, but have no actuall use for it. I guess I could use it as a lunch box.

  8. That green lantern hoodie proberly works better than a chastity belt. 

  9. That hoodie is just crazy.  It totally looks like something used to commit crime rather than stop it.

    The marshmallows are awesome.  I want to definitely give those a try at the next bonfire.

  10. @TNC: No an Orange Lantern hoodie would work much better.

  11. They make all the different Lantern colors in a hoodie.

  12. Argh the hoodie is sold out!