WANT! – 09/29/2010

These are difficult to write because I'm always in the process of transforming into that were-creature from the Honeycombs cereal commercials. 

Here's some things to crave:

Fascinating. Our pal Vito Delsante gave us the heads up on this next culinary inovation. You're looking at the first pizza cutter modeled after the starship Enterprise (NCC-1701). The combination of pizza, Star Trek, and laser-etched, stainless steel cutlery has induced a feverish state of collective pon farr throughout the iFanboy brownstone. As such, these blades double as nontraditional kunat kalifee weapons. $25.


Hold on to your butts! They've learned to employ mathematical reasoning and algorithm! Not your butts, the raptors. Draw attention to your cunning and guile with this thoroughly threatening theropod tee . $18.95 


Genuine Chucks. These Peanuts themed Converse All-Stars from France aren't just tres cool, they're downright Joe Cool. Note that the website automatically plays French seduction music. Thanks to Blair for the heads up. $323.04


  1. I feel as if that pizza cutter should have a button to make phaser sounds as I cut…

  2. The USS PizzaCutter is fantastic.  I throughly embarrassed myself laughing at the "Clever Girl" t-shirt.  I will be buying that shirt!

  3. The pizza cutter looks great, but I betcha the cheese just klings on it…..

  4. I want those peanuts converse soooooo bad!!!!!!

  5. That pizza cutter is magnificent.

  6. I saw the pizza cutter a few days ago and I thought instantly that you would put this in this week’s WANT!.

  7. Clever Girl! HA! I so WANT that t-shirt.

  8. $300 for Converse sneakers? Geez, were they drawn on by Charles Schulz before he passed? This proves how stupid fashion is.

  9. I would pay $10 more than normal for those Peanut Chucks. But $300? That’s craziness. They’re not even leather. C’mon.