WANT! – 04/20/2010

We once won the opportunity to tour a large candy factory in an undisclosed, English-speaking country. The factory was run by an eccentric madman who quoted Ogden Nash and told Ron he was rude for his constant gum chewing. He later turned Ron blue and had his staff of orange dwarves roll him off to a sub-basement where he was juiced. None of us fared very well. Paul ended up in a vacuum tube when he hurled himself into a chocolate river. Mike was miniaturized. Conor ended up in a garbage chute after throwing a tantrum in the golden egg hatchery. But then there was Josh. Josh and his blue turtleneck. Even after pilfering Fizzy Lifting Drinks, he ended up with the life's supply of chocolate and the deed to the factory.

And do you know what happened to the boy who got everything he ever wanted? 

He lived happily ever after.

As for Jim, he's still sailing with a crew of insects in a very large peach.

Here are some things that we want.

Dr. Peter Venkman

That's right boys, it's Dr. Venkman! It's not often we see 12" dolls action figures that we really want, but then we don't often see one of the Top 10 Funniest Movie Characters of All Time in 12" doll action figure form. This Dr. Peter Venkman doll action figure was just released yesterday and its already made headlnes all across the country. He was seen at the fashionable dance club, "The Rose," where he slugged it out with a pretty pesky poltergeist, then stayed on to dance the night away with some of the lovely ladies who witnessed the disturbance. This is iFanboy, now on with the countdown. 60 Big Twinkies.


Some of us in the brownstone are terribly excited about the new series of Doctor Who. Others, like Ron, merely scowl as we race around the spiral staircase, zapping each other with our sonic screwdrivers (actually Bic pens). Anyways, what we wouldn't give for this item to be back in stock on Entertainment Earth. As you can see, it's a Dalek. And yes, that's a remote control unit. That entails that the Dalek can be controlled. Remotely. Which means we can be in the hallway and the Dalek can burst into a room just as Ron is trying to score with a lady friend. This 12" gold Dalek will even turn his head and shout "Exterminate!" in that obnoxiously shrill drone. If only he shot Nerf products! And imagine if we owned a cat! Well it would simply be bonkers, let us tell you. 70ish earth dollars.



We've never built models before. Frankly, we'd rather date them. Ahahaha! Anyway, with the summer coming up, we thought this 1/25 scale Bat Boat model kit would be a great way to unwind out on the patio after a hard day's blogging and podcasting. We also think Batman should use the boat more. It's maybe his least used vehicle and it's basically just floating there in Gotham harbor collecting barnacles. Alfred even caught some teens partying it it with a case of wine coolers and a boombox. See, a boombox! That's how old this thing is. Plus, we still have all that paint and glue left over from Mike's Warhammer and huffing phase. We think we'll learn a lot about each other as we piece together this 8.5" Bat-dingy. There will probably be a lot of cursing too, but that's no different than the time we tried to take up hot yoga. Under 20 Bat-bucks.


  1. I’d love a life-sized Dalek, but this is a start…

  2. My brother saw the Dalek at the Philly Con’s Doctor Who booth a few years back. He has longed to possess one ever since. Sadly, it always seems to be sold out or only available at places where they mark it up to a triple digit price tag.

  3. I can only imagine that the Dalek will roll its way to the foot of my bed and start yelling, "EXTERMINATE." Maybe Venkman could save me. 

  4. Not so much WANT this week for me. Except for an advanced copy of MvC3! Awh shit. I’d shit bricks if I found that in me’ mailbox.

  5. I want all 3 of these, especially the Venkman "action figure".

  6. A+ on the sub-header. Very clever.

  7. Dammit Paul.  Just write your crazy ass novel and let me read it. Stop teasing me with these excellent tidbits. 

    That Dr. Venkman doll is excellent.  He is the reason I went to graduate school.  I often fire off a "Back off man, I’m a (social) scientist" when a student gets belligerent. 

  8. Holy shnikes! WANT These Things To Be Much Cheaper Than This.

    I tried to get the "con special" Ghostbuster at San Diego last year, but those things vanished like free-roaming, vaporous, full-torso apparitions.

  9. Will maps of the Brownstone be included in "Ifanboy the Role Playing Game"?

  10. My goal is to one day own a fully operational life-size Dalek. If I can get this 12" version, all I’ll need to do is wait for the growth ray to be invented.

    I cried a little on the inside when I read it wasn’t available.

  11. Got the GB Bill Murray yesterday.


  12. I’ve got a remote-controlled Dalek, and let me tell you: the cat thing? Not so funny. Cats seem to be the only creatures not terrified of Daleks. It’s strangely depressing to have them look at you like "Seriously? This?"

  13. My son bought me a remote control dalek in black a couple of years back.  Tres groovy.