WANT! – 04.06.2011

When I started scouring the Internet for stuff to covet, I fell down an Etsy rabbit hole for a few hours. And thus it was decided that this week’s WANT! theme would be items from the interwebz favorite craft store.

Comic Book Wallets

It’s tough deciding what to do with your comics once you’re done reading them. Do you bag, board, and hoard them? Do you donate them? It’d be great if you could turn them into money! This guy has done the next best thing and turned his comics into something that holds money. For 3 bucks (or the price of a comic book), you can buy any of his comic book wallets to hold your dough.

Made by micahmyers, $3



Superhero Drink Charms  

Sometimes I feel like being a grown up and throwing a fancy dinner party. I brake out the real dishes, cook some actual food, and buy some wine that doesn’t come in a box. But I’m still me, so I need to add a nerdy twist to the evening. Enter these cute superhero drink charms. You put these little tags on your guests' wine glasses (or beer bottles) so they know whose drink is whose. I call dibs on Wonder Woman! Thanks to megnolia for the link. 

Made by clinks, $29



Custom Comic Shoes  

Do I really need an explanation here? They’re shoes. Made of comics. I must have them!

Made by erindara, $80 


Ali Colluccio likes stuff made out of comics almost as much as she likes comics. You can email her links to stuff you WANT!


  1. You ladies and you shoes. 😛

    For comic wallets you might want to check out http://comicwallet.com/ as well. The guy who makes them used to do the paper folded ones, but recently stepped up to making nice velcro wallets that use pages. He has some pretty cool Scott Pilgrim ones for sale on there, which I know you want Ali. 

  2. Thank you for including my store in the article. I have already seen a lot of business because of it.

  3. those drink charms are pretty darn cool

  4. Thanks for pointing this out!   I got me a Flash wallet!  🙂

  5. Very nice stuff! Have been needing a new wallet for awhile and the

    Justice League International

    is looking mighty tempting.

  6. Thanks for pointing out those wallets!  They’re fantastic!

  7. Seriously WANT those shoes–and I am not usually the girl to say that! (Maybe I’m still sad about mising out on these ones at Target.) The obvious choice is Wonder Woman, but I’m thinking Snow or someone Fables (Page Sisters?) might be cool, too.

  8. My old roomate bought me a superman cover wallet.  It’s not very functional, but it is neat.  For me it’s the memory of it… well, and it’s Superman after all. 🙂

  9. Ali you can make anything look amazing…..but I’m not sure on those shoes. #80!? that’s a bit pricey for something looks like it was just wrapped in old comic books.

  10. I have a comic book wallet from micahmeyers! It’s awesome and I actually get a ton of compliments on it. 

    This is the one I have: