Walt Simonson Mints THE JUDAS COIN OGN for DC Comics

Days after Marvel announced legendary writer and artist Walt Simonson would lend pencils to an upcoming arc of The Avengers, fellow staffer Jeff Reid brought another curiosity to my attention.

“Walt Simonson did an issue of Legion of Super-Heroes.”

How did that one drop under the radar? I’m a fair-weather Legion fan at best, but Simonson art could tempt me into a burning firework factory. And whoever does that is just seriously deranged.

Anyway, how did that one sail by when Marvel made a total press event of their own Simonson project.

Turns out, DC had something else up their sleeves. This September we get a whole 94 page OGN called The Judas Coin. Written and drawn by Walt Simonson.

Here’s the cinematic cover inspired by poster artist Bob Peak:


Batman and Two-Face feature prominently, but in an interview on DC’s Source Blog, Simonson explains that this story encompasses the full DC Universe. There are six individual stories all connected in some way. Perhaps a coin’s passage through history? Simonson teased these stories in vignettes scattered about the book’s cover. That’s my boy Lash there. And we’ve got some cosmic scenery. Can you make heads or tails of any other references?

As a Simonson junky and a Bat Lash fanatic, this is all pretty overwhelming.


  1. Bat Lash? S to the O to the L to the D.

  2. So cool

  3. It’s on like Donkey Kong. I’ve loved Simonson since his X-Factor days. Now if only Marvel would collect those issues in colour and DC collect Orion. I needs me some Walt! Can’t wait for this new OGN though, glad to see a bit of a resurgence. I wonder if the Thor Omnibus helped? I’m pleased nevertheless.

  4. Piecing together some stuff I read a little while ago — Simonson once drew a Captain Fear comic, and he’s made reference to this recently in something with, ahem, pirate ships, he’s working on… hmm, are those pirate ships up there… ?

    So… Batlash, Captain Fear… some kind of viking character…?

    Oh, I am in.

  5. This sounds cool…the Red Violin meets Batman?

  6. I’ve had the privilege of seeing many of these pages and they do not disappoint. His Legion issue is terrific, too. GO TEAM WALTER!

  7. The pages in this are hand lettered. I seen some.

    That might not excite everyone, but craft is craft, man.

    • hand lettered as in even the dialog in the balloons? Always excited to see something different.

    • If you say the words “John Workman”, I’m gonna whip it out.

      My wallet I mean

    • Once I started really noticing digital sound effects, it ruined a bunch of comics for me. There’s something about it that just removes any sense of immersion. The lettering appears to be on a whole different plane to the rest of the art. It’s absurd, really – the whole image is totally unrealistic in the first place. It’s like seeing some totally generic font in advertising – you stop seeing the words and start seeing the font…

  8. “Can you make heads or tails of any of these references?” You just can’t resist, can you Paul? Bravo.

  9. Walt Simonson is a beast. This book is handlettered and he drew it, this is going to be great

  10. This will be a nice surprise once September comes around.

  11. Damn you, Simonson – I was trying to save some money!

  12. Probably the first time a cover and nothing else has sold me on something.

  13. I will be purchasing this not only because Simonson is a master but also I love stories that use the whole DC universe. Looks fun!.

    also, BATLASH!

  14. More Details On Walter’s Judas Coin OGN on the next episode of Word Balloon

  15. It’s Simonson. That’s all that needs to be said. Any more sales pitch is just filler.

  16. Money on the table.