Video Proof That Batman is Insane

Offered without comment.

Thanks to Joe Keatinge


  1. hahaha even before he was the mayor of Quahog he was still a goofwad. 

  2. LOL

  3. Proof that Batman is the greatest hero! Take that Superman!

  4. Batman is awesome! I surely would’ve screwed that up by talking in the wrong phone at the wrong time.

  5. You know,  they really have some awesome fashion back then. It’s like an episode of Mad Men

  6. amazing!

  7. Why is there a seal on that chair?

  8. And people thought Superman putting on glasses was a stretch.

  9. I’ve known Batman was insane since he said, “I’m the GODDAMN Batman”.

  10. I loved when they adapted this for “Gotham Central.”

  11. It really is amazing how crazy Adam West is. You think he is because of Family Guy, but no. He is just as crazy outside of his work.

  12. I remember that episode.  It was nuts.  What Wayne will do to try and keep his identity a secret (more of an effort than “I fund Batman” lol).

  13. ha- ha

    Not even a voice change-  How would Christian Bale do this scene?

  14. A-mazing.

  15. Tell me Adam West won an Emmy for this performance! Haha

  16. @ericmci – 
    Bruce Wayne – The penguin wanths a ransthom of a million dollarsth? Did you hear that Batman?
    Batman – Rooarargh roagh uurrgch huurrcgh rarhg! 
    Bruce Wayne – Brilliant, Batman. You are a mathter tactition!

  17. finbarbat- Exactly.

  18. Holy loose screws, Batman!! What the f*ck was that about? Bruce Wayne looked like he’s having a split personality sydrome like Gollum/Smeagol, only wackier.

  19. He does change his voice a little bit… Batman always speaks with urgency!! Bruce is a bit loose and hipper.

    Love this show. Batman: The Movie contains the greatest scene in film history. 

  20. I love this so much.

  21. If I were Dick I’d sleep with one eye open……Hmmmm then again I suppose all Dicks do anyway…buhdumbum!

  22. Bruce and Batman sound exactly the same :s

    Haha… gives gravitas to Bale’s silly growl though.

  23. Pure awesome! Thanks for sharing, Conor.

  24. Who’s the bigger dummy – Lois Lane, or Gordon and O’Harrah?

    I wonder if this began one person on two phones as a comedy/sitcom motif? I know I’ve seen it on other shows.

  25. @kennyg  There is no bigger idiot than Chief Miles O’Hara.

  26. OH man am I getting schooled on the acting nuances of Adam West?

  27. Radness!!

  28. God help me, I remember that episode from the afternoon reruns in the mid-70’s … 🙂

  29. Now toss in Matches Malone

  30. This is art.