VIDEO: Leaked Amazing Spider-Man Teaser – Catch It While You Can

A teaser trailer for 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man has hit the web (heh) but likely doesn't have long for this world. I'm not even going to try an embed the thing because YouTube videos are collapsing like the shared dream state in act three of Inception

For now, try this link

The above image is from the final moments of the teaser, the culmination of a web-slinging POV sequence which has us careening through the Manhattan skyline FPS style until we catch a glimpse of Spidey reflected in the window of a skyscraper. I'm sure we've seen instance of this before, but as an extended scene it's going to make for a thrilling 3D experience on the big screen (remember that this film was actually shot in 3D, so it may be one of the few times it's worth the premium for those glasses). 

The other main bits of interest come with the tone. This is a dark trailer. Not just because it's a dim, contrasty bootleg. The overall mood of the piece is simply darker than what Raimi was doing. A major part of that is what feels like the central mystery of the rebooted franchise: the disappearance of Peter's parents. We meet them here in Pete's childhood, and the level of attention given them seems to indicate that they're not simply absent. They're missing. 

And yes, Virginia, we're looking at another retelling of the origin story. Though how much real estate that tale will take up, it's too early to say. 

Stay tuned for the official trailer release as it becomes available. 

Thanks to our pal Pat Loika for the tip. 


  1. Sweeeeeeeeet. Any rumor on who the baddie is?

  2. Looks good. I like Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield. First person Spidey not so sure about.

  3. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @OnASunday  The baddie is Rhys Ifans as Curt Connors (The Lizard) 

  4. Interesting stuff. The tone for this is unusual, even seeming almost like a horror movie until the last 20 seconds or so. Although this could be because we’re used to the Raimi ones. Also I’m interested in the parents angle – I know bits and pieces of the parents from the comics, but don’t know which bits they’ll use for this.

    I do think some of the special effects in that first person sequence are a little ropey though. 

  5. Looks good the first person stuff if it is in movie could give me a headache especially in 3D

  6. very interesting stuff. Really tough to judge the low quality but the dark tone seems interesting. Retelling of origins is kind of an interesting circle we’re caught in with pop culture. I wonder if the greeks retold the origins of their mythological heroes as much as we do?

    and so it begins….Its cool to see that the studio has started the viral advertising campaign. looking forward to seeing more. 

  7. I’m kinda tired of the whole “dark” angle now and Peter looks a little to angsty for my taste. I loved the first person sequence though, reminded me of Mirror’s Edge.

  8. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @wallythegreenmonster  Given that the Greeks liked oral tradition, absolutely. 

  9. I don’t think the retelling of origin stories is anything new – think how many interpretations there have been of Sherlock Holmes, or Tarzan, or A Christmas Carol, or pretty much anything by Shakespeare?

    It’s not the story, but the way you tell it. 

  10. @PaulMontgomery  — to be a fly on the wall back then as the ancient fanboys raved and complained in Socratic method about their favorite heroes as they bought their decorative vases on wednesdays. =)

  11. heh oral tradition.

    Anyway Im not too bothered about the retelling as I thought I might be as the tone really seems to be marking it as completely different enough that I can role with it. I dont mind the dark feel of it as Pete’s personal life has always been en epic tragedy. It was only ever Pete in costume in that free persona as Spider-Man that gave it that contrasting lightness so I think it makes sense

  12. The first person stuff just gave me horrible flashbacks to DOOM: The Movie. And DOOM flashbacks are the worst man.

    Other than that, looks good. 

  13. Thanks for posting this as a downloadable link guys, now I won’t have to go hunting for it elsewhere after it gets pulled!

  14. I’m sure it’s going to be swell — but Raimi and Maguire are SO fresh in my mind, I can’t help but feel this is premature.

  15. Lots of first person action there.

  16. Looks awesome! That P.O.V. will kill those with motion sickness.

    There has recently been a new IMAX theatre opened like 90 mins on the bus from where I live, I think this, TDKR and Star Trek are definitely doing to be reasons to make the trip. Next year is so far away!

  17. well, it definately looks better than the first Spiderman film and the third

  18. I liked the p.o.v. I’m not sure about Spidey going dark and gritty, but I have faith in Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb.

  19. Doesn’t look good. Seems to have a bit of an odd tone for a Spidey film if the  trailer is anything to go by, POV webslinging seems like yet another 3d gimick and Garfield doesn’t sit at all well as Peter.

    Not convinced.

  20. Don’t mind Garfield at all but I dont really like this idea of first person webslinging.  Kind of nauseating.  Hopefully they wrap up the origin stuff quickly.  I agree this made me think about the Raimi films alot.

  21. I’m gettin nothin from the link. Damn

  22. I think it looks really cool. Spidey might be a little angsty for me, but it’s a trailer, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. I did like the first-person stuff though, as it reminded me of Mirror’s Edge (like @Stepho). That might make a really awesome game.  Maybe get DICE to do it (maybe just get it away from Activision for a bit…)?

  23. Me either, damn it!

  24. @bozmania69  Thanks

    Looks different.  Will be interesting to see.

  25. Looks kinda good.

  26. This fellow also has it on his Tumblr for the time being:

    We do love chasing this shakycam footage, don’t we? 

  27. “…because YouTube videos are collapsing like the shared dream state in act three of Inception.”

    That one line just made my week.Thanks, Paul.

  28. The POV shoot of him swinging had me think two things.

    A: Cool

    B: Spider-man must get awfully nauseous from time to time.  

  29. Damn…not loading for me.

  30. Sometimes I think people consider “fun” a dirty word.  While this doesn’t look bad, it doesn’t look very good either.  It just looks… not fun.  Fingers crossed that we all are getting the wrong impression 🙂

  31. nnnoooooooooootttttt loooaaaaddddiiiinnngggg!


    the hunt for spidey continues, we are all kraven…

  33. @wallythegreenmonster: 8) ;D 😛

  34. Yes I know it’s shakey and all but this trailer….

    I don’t know, this did absolutely nothing for me. It feels like it’s going to be too dark and grim for a Spider-Man origin film. Also, Peter is doing a lot of unessicary wall crawling in the end of that trailer. (Which also looks bad because the CGI is pretty lame) 

  35. Oooh. . . angsty.

  36. I think its time for the fanboys to grow up. At this point I think we can agree that our heroes always come in different incarnations, and expecting something to be EXACTLY like anything that came before is just asking for disappointment. 

    That said, we all know this was based on USM which was always darker than OG Spidey. This Spiderman seems like a much more accurate portrayal of our modern times, which can be fairly dark.

    THAT said, it might also look dark because the camera is really dark (duh). Instead of dark, I would say that this looks more realistic.

    If you ask me, just based on what we’ve seen in this trailer, we might expect a Spiderman that is more story driven, and less character driven like the Raimi films (which were rather weak storywise if you ask me, though still enjoyable). Seems like this film is being planned with more foresight than the others, and I’m sure we will see some cool plot threads laid out in the first. 

  37. I really wish the went the route of Incredible Hulk and recapped the origin in the opening title sequence, especially since the other Spidey films are so recent.  It looks okay but I’d just like to skip past him getting bit, Uncle Ben dying and Peter becoming Spider-man.

  38. If a sequel involved Peter going to Russia to find out what happened to his parents and fighting Kraven and/or Chameleon, I’d be very, very happy.

  39. Why can’t Spider-Man be dark? Just because he cracks jokes doesn’t mean his story is light, fluffy fun. The guy is riddled with guilt because he blames himself for the murder of his favorite person on the planet. He is bullied at school. He can’t get a date. He has no money. His sickly old aunt is poor and barely able to keep them afloat. He fights super-villains on a daily basis. How is that NOT on the dark side? Would ANY of you want that life? does that sound FUN to you?

  40. @Tork  That’s a fantastic idea!