VIDEO: Black Widow Shares Her Seat for MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS

One month to go.

Barton compromised? Hold the phone.

Meanwhile, at the chandelier factory…

Fans have balked at Black Widow for bringing a handgun to a Hulk fight in trailers and TV spots for Marvel’s The Avengers, but in this clip, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s leading lady proves more than capable with far less. Summoned by the film’s central protagonist, Agent Phil Coulson, the alluring spy launches into an impromptu brawl, hands behind her back.

Give Joss Whedon and Scarlett Johansson 45 seconds and a chair, and they’ll give you the world.

Reserve your seats for Marvel’s The Avengers starring Clark Gregg and other people in theaters and IMAX, May 4th.


  1. I’m in lust.

  2. Was I the only one mentally replacing her with Joan Holloway?

  3. Damn, that clip makes me so pumped up for the movie. I’m so happy to discover that The Avengers would be shown in theaters here in our country 9 days in advance of the North American premiere! One of the very few times that living in the Philippines is an advantage when it comes to American movies, hehe..

  4. Can we stop referring to these complainers as fans? I think “idiots who’ve apparently never read a comic book” would be more appropriate.

  5. I don’t get fans considering Black Widow under-armed for merely having a pistol. At least she has that instead of her wrist-thingies. Oh, and also, her teammate carries a bow and arrow. “No, I’m sorry, Col. Fury. I can’t help you fight Loki’s army because it’s kind of windy.” And that other teammate? He doesn’t even have a weapon, he just has to throw his shield. [Bulletproof] *Hngh!* [vulnerable, but at least that one bad guy has a concussion]

  6. Yeah, ScarJo is just NOT badass. She wasn’t in Iron Man 2, and I don’t buy it here.

    And I hate how Whedon is making this look like a TV show instead of the huge summer blockbuster event it should be.

  7. wow, thats a cool clip. Seems like they are really going to make Black Widow into a bad ass team member instead of just the “sex appeal girl”

    I’m actually really intrigued in how she got into the situation in the clip….movie is looking better all the time despite the generic advertising and marketing campaigns.

  8. Im in love

  9. FINALLY she’s doing more than just posing.

  10. This Clark Gregg Vehicle looks more and more awesome every day.

  11. is this a promo clip or a scene that’ll be in the movie? i ask because i’ll skip it if it’s going to be in the film proper

  12. Damn it, I JUST put these pants on.

  13. I’m still looking forward to it.

    So glad they put Black Widow in the first Avengers movie.

  14. This scene is fun and a little campy, but I don’t think camp will be the tone of the overall film. I already have my ticket for a 7 PM IMAX showing on May 4. I hope this film is a HUGE hit, so that they can make a “Secret Avengers” film with Black Widow, Captain America, Valkyrie, Moon Knight, etc.

  15. Avatar photo filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I’ve been avoiding the multiplex for two years (in favor of a smaller, closer, cozier and ad-free theater) but this might make worth a visit.

  16. Avatar photo MarkCWarner (@MarkCWarner) says:

    @Jeremy Carrier . I am with on that

  17. Avatar photo MarkCWarner (@MarkCWarner) says:

    Also, did they change the character or was Black Widow a former Russian Spy?

  18. Further proof that Ryan Reynolds is an idiot.

  19. Why is Clark Gregg so amazing? All he does is just stand there, waiting for Black Widow to be done, but it’s so amazing to watch. I seriously want to see him in a standalone movie.

    It’s a decent clip without Gregg in it. I also don’t buy Black Widow that much considering she’s going to be up against aliens in mechsuits later in the movie. Also, how do you hurt someone with your hair? Is it made of plastic?

  20. Oh look. They’ve got Black Widow in her underwear in a movie. And we’re 2/2 now.

  21. I love her. That tied to the chair flip onto the enemy to break free move was used almost exactly in The Elite with Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert DeNiro. She’s sultry and looks good doing that stuff in a tank top, if you don’t like it…then don’t watch it.

  22. She has lots of pretty. Like… lots.

  23. Seeing BW kick ass is great but Agent Coulson waiting on the phone just adds so much – rock on April 25 (Australian release date).

    • I completely agree, having the agent on the phone makes this scene great. I can’t wait to see this damn movie. I just hope my boy Hulk has plenty of screen time.